My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama Summary with Brief Introduction

My Girlfriend is an Alien is a 2019 Chinese Drama based on an alien and human love story. The alien girl accidentally lands on earth and now she is trying to find out the way to go back to her planet. The planet name of the alien girl is Cape Town Planet.

The Alien Girl (Chai Xiao Qi ) start involved in human life to stay with a human until the time when she gets way to go back to cape town’s planet. Fang Leng is a too rude person who doesn’t like people around him but entering an alien in his change the direction of his personal life.

  • Episode – 28
  • Release Date – August 19, 2019
  • Film Location – Shenzhen
  • This is a love story between an alien and a CEO

Main Character

  • Wan Peng as Chai Xiao Qi (Alien Girl)
  • Bie Thassapak Hsu as Fang Leng (CEO)

Supporting character

  • Wang You Jun as Fang Lie
  • Yang Yue as Jiang Xue
  • Christopher Lee as Fang Shi Da
  • Ashin Shu as Doctor Zhang
  • Alina Zhang as Sister Chai
  • Wang Hao Zhen as Han Jinming, Feng Leng’s secretary
  • Hu Cai Hong as Zhou Siqin, Fang Lie’s mother

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I like Xiao Qi’s dedication to her career, which is evident in everything she does. When Fang Leng got food poisoning, Xiao Qi went to great lengths to get him to the hospital as soon as possible, including driving a motorcycle through traffic to ensure that Fang Leng arrived at the hospital on time. Even after being chased away, she continued to visit him to ensure Fang Leng’s safety. Fang Leng finally told her.”Your world is pure and innocent, even if you are a little strange.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama summary, Review & Ending story
Fang Leng (CEO)

Tenacity and a sense of duty are two other positive attributes possessed by Xiao Qi. When reporters surrounded Xiao Qi’s workplace, the Tropical Restaurant, assuming the food had poisoned Fang Leng, Xiao Qi stood up and gave a speech in front of the audience and a blinding camera assault. It was a challenging task, especially since the restaurant owner, Ms Chai, had packed her belongings to avoid being held liable. But she argued that the issue stemmed from Fang Leng’s allergies, not their food. She insisted on stuffing her mouth with infinite food despite her stomach’s inability to digest human food. You don’t come across a gut like that on a daily basis, do you?

When Fang Leng encountered difficulties with Fang Lie’s impending art exhibition, which was unilaterally cancelled due to his stepmother’s meddling, Xiao Qi insisted on offering assistance based on his knowledge of Fang Leng’s personality.

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They’ve been having a childish long dispute ever since Fang Leng invited Jiang Xue to dinner at Tropical Restaurant. Rather than becoming envious, as everyone expected, Xiao Qi surprised them with a special couple’s service and a pair of figurines. Xiao Qi felt upset when Fang Leng spilt his drink on the figurine and kicked him in the leg. Fang Leng was upset when Xiao Qi told him she would give the second figure to someone else, so he went to the restaurant to buy the other two dolls, presuming they had gone to Fang Lie. Isn’t Xiao Qi’s unique way of thinking just too adorable?

But Xiao Qi feels very happy with her hotel manager. She makes her feel happy very time. I really nice to see Ms. Chai and Xiao Qi, who appear to be mother and daughter, interact so warmly. Ms. Chai initially saw Xiao Qi as a cash cow, but her maternal attachment evolved with time, and she now sincerely cares for her.

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When Xiao Qi became annoyed by the rivalry between Fang Leng and Fang Lie, she challenged them to a tennis match, and I loved how she used her superpower strength to knock both of them out, effectively informing them not to leave her alone. But then the Fang brothers broke it off, with Fang Leng claiming he would not come to her but would wait for her, and Fang Lie keeping his distance from her at work.

I find Fang Leng’s relationship with his father to be rather heartbreaking. When his forgetfulness became public due to the actions of a specific someone, his father became enraged, to which Fang Leng said, “I didn’t anticipate that after I told you about my condition, you still worry about business more than me.” Fang Leng had erected a wall between himself and his father since the psychological trauma had not healed.

Xiao Qi is the purest of all beings. She tried to help Fang Leng by listing the things she is skilled at, knowing all of his problems. It’s really lovely of her, except for the fact that “Keen perception of gorgeous males” is on the list. Fang Leng couldn’t stop himself from laughing.

What matters most in any unsuccessful relationship is how it ends. It’s critical to provide a suitable closure so that all of those memories do not become painful. When Fang Leng learned of Jiang Xue’s suggestion to marry to solve his company’s troubles, he told her that she deserved much better than him.

“In comparison to me, the only thing you should be concerned about is yourself.” You are valuable enough to find someone who truly loves you. Don’t rely on me to keep you tied. Allow me to leave, and then you can truly escape. In the future, I believe you will find genuine love. Thank you for believing in me.”

This is really hard for Fang Lie, who had confessed to her multiple times. But it’s also possible that she doesn’t plan on remaining long on Earth and doesn’t consider the big picture. Xiao Qi want to go her planet back because she cannot live anymore on the earth.

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Final Conclusion of Alien and Human Love Story

My girlfriend’s alien ending story is, as I previously said, logic is not addressed as a central theme in the drama. Nonetheless, some scenarios tugged at my heartstrings, such as when Xiao Qi advised Fang Leng to accept his sickness rather than blaming himself when anything went wrong.

“But, compared to the difficulty life has thrown at you, making you feel like a psycho, isn’t it easier to just accept it?” Life has been so monotonous. You need to see something unusual now and again.”

I believe that we are the masters of our own lives and that we are the only ones who can change our lives as a whole. But, let alone a metamorphosis, even the tiniest change can never occur if we are continuously fighting with ourselves, so why not accept ourselves as we are?

During the process of discovering yourself, you may feel pressured to fit in with the crowd. When Xiao Qi was worried about having to stay on Earth and adapt herself successfully, Fang Leng soothed her by telling her not to look at it from a different perspective and to let go of her concern and insecurity.

“They are different even if they were born on the same planet, in the same city, or the same family.” Some people appear to be joyful but are genuinely lonely. Some people appear to have everything, yet they are unable to seize it. Even if you are one of a kind, you are one of many types. Everyone suffers from loneliness and dread, so all you have to do is imagine yourself as someone else, right?”

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When it came to the harsh realities of life, Xiao Bu said something about how meaningless pride is when you have nothing. “Can you define dignity?” Is it possible to utilize it as money? Is it possible to modify it for attractive men? Is your dignity more essential than living a wonderful life on this planet?” Personally, I’m not the sort to put pride ahead of everything else. It’s fine to be proud of something you value highly, but when your pride begins to affect your livelihood, it can become arrogant. Finally, each individual should determine their priorities and make the most of their lives.

My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese Drama summary, Review & Ending story
We will wait for next meeting in next birth – This is the end of story both of them living in their planet.

After listen the alien girl CEO decided to live in earth instead of going with her. The alien girl went to her planet and the CEO lived with the hope that once she will come on the earth for him. Maybe in the next birth but he has a hope to be with her.

I tried my best to explain the moral and drama summary in the easiest language. My Girlfriend is an Alien Chinese I wrote the Drama summary to explain the human and robotics bond. If you want to see my girlfriend is an alien story episode wise with English subtitles then click here. 

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