The Bhagavad Gita Summary

Introduction of Book Bhagavad Gita:

In this blog or article, we will understand “The Bhagavad Gita Summary” with an amazing representation of inspirational quotes from the book Bhagavad Geeta. In the book of Bhagavad Gita Lord, Shri Krishan mentioned inspirational, untold, and realistic ways to how can we live life with peace, harmony, and happiness. I hope you enjoy reading.

Friends, there is no such religion or book in the world which makes you discriminate between people on the basis of any religion, caste, or language. But still, people do not fail to discriminate. Today we will talk about some thoughts and knowledge given in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

There is a total of 18 chapters in the Bhagavad Gita and there is a total of 700 verses in these 18 chapters which are a bit difficult for everyone to read. That’s why we are going to talk about some important thoughts of Bhagavad Gita, knowing that you will be able to understand the meaning of Bhagavad Gita completely.

Bhagavad Geeta’s quotes :

Here are some of Bhagavad Geeta’s quotes and morals which should follow by a human beings to make their life easier to live and smile:-

1. Every human being should believe in karma because these living beings are karma people. Karma is in your hands, not the result. That’s why focusing on work means focusing only on work and working hard.

2. Being immersed in your wishes and desires all the time is the reason for all the sorrows of a human being. If he gets rid of it and performs his duty then only his life will be happy.

Bhagavad Gita Summary
“Life is full of happiness but you have to find that happiness inside yourself”

3. Believe that whatever has happened to you has happened for the good. Whatever is happening is also good and whatever will happen will also be good.

4. The joy of life is neither in the past nor in the future. Rather, the joy of life is just in living today.

5. If a person does what he wants with the same belief, then he can become whatever he wants. Everything can be controlled with practice.

6. Lord Shri Krishna says, for me all beings are same, neither I like anyone more nor less. But those who do my devotion with all their heart. I always come to his aid when needed. The person who leaves the desire for the fruit and concentrates only on work becomes successful in life.

7. A person does not become great by birth but by his deeds. Forgetting all of your strangers, small and big, know that all this is yours and you belong to Hari, so love everyone and try to do good to everyone.

8. Happiness is neither in this world nor anywhere else for a doubting person, so believe in what you are doing, do what you believe in, and do not control the mind. It acts like an enemy to them.

9. Complete your important work because actually doing work is better than doing nothing. A man is made by his belief, as he believes, so he becomes. Lust, anger, and greed are the three roads to hell.

10. A restless mind can be tamed by persistent effort. To die for one who is born is as true as to be born for one who dies. That’s why don’t be sad about what is true, adopt it and move forward.

I hope readers like the morals of the book from Bhagavad Gita. If you like read till the end to understand the concept of human baseline. Lord Shir. Krishan always says that your karma is the only thing that makes you perfect or imperfect. You have to decide your present, I will decide your future.

Bhagavad Gita Summary

11. An intelligent person should work for the welfare of society without greed. When you start enjoying your work, then understand that you have achieved your perfection. He who gives up all desires and becomes free from craving and feeling of Me and Meera. He gets peace.

12. Doing work without any desire for its fruit is the true work. When a person’s need changes, then his way of talking also changes, which is no bigger answer than a creature and no punishment is bigger than forgiving. No one can run away from his karma. One has to bear the fruits of one’s actions, so do good deeds so that you get good results.

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13. The person who has the power of patience, no one can compete with his power, neither this body is yours nor you are the owner of this body. This body is made of five elements, fire, water, air, earth and sky, one day this body will be mixed in these five elements. You only have karma, so focus on doing good deeds. The right action is not the one whose result is always right, but the right action is the one whose purpose is never wrong.

14. The way the weather changes on the earth, in the same way happiness and sorrow keep coming in life. Human welfare is the main objective of the Bhagavad Gita. That’s why a man should give priority to human welfare while performing his duty, which behavior you don’t like for yourself from others. Don’t behave like this with others.

15. Even after doing good deeds, some people will only remember your bad deeds. So what do people say? Do not pay attention to it and keep doing your work. I can Thinking like this is a sign of confidence. Only I can It is presumptuous to think so. Adopt confidence. Let go of pride. Have faith that whatever has happened has happened for good. Whatever is happening is also happening for the good and whatever will happen will also happen for the good who has won the mind.

16. Like boat is the only way to cross the ocean. Similarly, truth is a ladder to go to heaven. When time turns, everything turns. That’s why don’t be proud in good times and be patient in bad times. Man’s mind is everything, what it thinks, it becomes.

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17. The work done with good intention never goes bad and you definitely get its result. Not a human being, his deeds are good or bad and as per the deeds of a man, he gets the same result.

I wrote the bhagavad geeta book summary in English, but if you want to read it in hindi, then watch our youtube video till the end. In video we mentioned complete bhagavad geeta summary in hindi so you will easily understand it.

18. No one is completely perfect in this world. Therefore, seeing the goodness of people, make good relations with them. When the future is not clear, then start improving your habit. When our mind is weak then circumstances become problems and when our mind is hard then circumstances become challenges. Circumstances become opportunities when our mind is strong. And the humanity of a man is destroyed at the same time when he starts laughing at the suffering of others.

 bhagavad geeta book summary in English

19. If you learn something from your mistakes, then mistakes become stairs and if you don’t learn, then mistakes are means. The decision is yours, to climb or to drown. The calmer one is, the more deeply he can use his intelligence. Don’t give up your goal by being afraid of condemnation because the opinion of those who criticize change as soon as the goal is achieved.

20. The biggest source of motivation is your own thoughts, so think big and always motivate yourself to win. Those who leave the intellect and get carried away by emotions, everyone can fool them. Things received before time lose their value and things received after time lose their importance. So respect the time and try to do the work on time.

21. Lord Shri Krishna says that your faith can move even a mountain, but the doubt in your mind can raise another mountain. Don’t blame others for your troubles. Explain your mind. Change of your mind is the end of your sorrows. Never consider yourself weak. If you fall try to get up. Do your duty with full devotion. Leave everything else to me. Every day may not be good but there is definitely something good in every day.

22. God says you stop crying and learn to fight with your troubles. Do service to everyone but don’t expect anything from anyone because only I give the true fruit of service. Being alone also teaches you that you really have nothing but yourself.

23. Two types of people are above heaven in this world. One is the who forgives despite being powerful and the other is the one who donates something despite being poor. Whether someone is poor or rich, karma gives fruits to everyone, so which person are you afraid of?

24. If you want to be happy in life, then pay more attention to the things that make you happy. Patience in trouble, kindness and charity in happiness and modesty in crisis is the identity of the best person, the person who talks clearly and directly, his words are definitely harsh. But he never cheats anyone, accept what is good and discards what is bad, whether it is thought or action or human, evil is big or small, it causes our destruction because it is small in name or The big one sinks the boat.

25. As a man believes, so is he. What a man can donate with his heart, he cannot do with his hands and what he can say by remaining silent, he cannot say with words. There is only one invariable rule of this material world that whatever takes birth remains only for some time, after that it is sure to end. Then whether it is a human body or a fruit, our unnecessary worry and fear of the mind is such a disease that disintegrates our spiritual power.

26. Negative thoughts are sure to come in the life of every human being, but it depends on the human being how much importance he gives to these thoughts. The bad times that come in a person’s life are like a mirror that makes us realize our capabilities.

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Bhagavad Gita book Review –

The Bhagavad Gita instructs us on how to control our thoughts, the value of pursuing our dharma honestly and unreservedly, and how to accept life as it is. I think we won’t be able to truly appreciate the great wisdom this book contains until we have read it several times. This is essentially a manual on living a meaningful life, among other things. This book should be read by everyone!

So, friends, these were some precious teachings of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, by understanding and including them in your life, you can start a good life. Friends, if you like this blog or article on Bhagavad Gita, then write a comment below.

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