You Can Win Book Summary & Review by Shiv Khera in English

You Can Win by Shiv Khera Book Summary & Review in English

Introduction of You Can Win Book by Shiv Khera

You Can Win book are written by Shiv Khera who is an Indian author. They presented ‘You Can Win Book Summary in English’ and translate it many more languages. As we mentioned the easiest English words to make you understand about the concept. Firstly, you’re most welcome to my book summary world where you could find many motivational examples to say to your heart “nothing is impossible.” Now, let’s continue with a book!

What is write in the book you can win?

This book contains the facts about success and the attitude through which you determine the goal. Shiv Khera mentioned in his book ‘You Can Win’ that “SUCCESS does not imply that challenges are not present; rather, it entails overcoming them. The number of times we get back up after falling determines our success, not how far we climb in life.”

Did you ever think about why some people seem to achieve greater success than others? It’s no secret that they think and act more strategically. It is just simple as a table of 2. They have grasped the success concepts. Because they have assimilated the success principles, positive behavior comes naturally to them. Successful people take ownership of their actions and decisions and hold themselves accountable for them.

Why to read you can win?

You Can Win book by Shiv Khera can help you reach your objectives and live a fulfilling life. You’ve probably heard of the power of positive thinking, also some of you tried to be positive all the time but what about the power of negative thinking? Here you will get to know about positive and negative effects on us.

The power of positive mind and thought instills in you the determination to succeed. Negative thinking gives you the ability to fail if you let it. Do you know! Positive and Negative both plays important role in life. But some take it too high, some stick with it, and some even do not try that. Many more reasons you will get to know soon about the You Can Win Book Summary. 

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Qualities are needed for success & why most people face failure.

According to Harvard University research, people face failure because of their attitude. Eighty-five per cent of the time a person gets a job or a promotion due to his attitude, and only fifteen per cent because of intelligence and understanding of specific facts and figures.  Through this, you can analyze how your attitude play important role in professional life is.

You Can Win book by Shiv Khera is all about achieving that 85% success rate. Which is not easily adopted by individual.The most significant word in the English language is attitude. It applies to all aspects of one’s life, both personal and professional.

Is it possible to be a good executive without having a positive attitude? Is it possible for a student to be a good student without having a positive attitude? Can parents, teachers, salespeople, employers, or employees perform well in their jobs if they don’t have a positive attitude?

Regardless of your chosen career, attitude is the cornerstone of success. Shouldn’t we analyze our attitude toward life and wonder how our attitude will affect our lives if the attitude is such an important part of success?

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You Can Win Book Summary & Review by Shiv Khera in English

How to build a positive mindset or attitude for success?

Top 10 ways to be positive all the time:

  1. Optimize your thoughts (take everything in a positive way)
  2. Dealing with disappointments and failures (rather thinking too much accept your failures and restart your journey to achieve your goal)
  3. Become more empathetic and understanding (understanding and showing kindness to others which help to make good friends and will help you to recover from bad moments)
  4. Starting every morning with strong yoga, exercise or listening to some motivated and relief full songs to make your mind calm.
  5. Take care about self-help instead of others’ help
  6. Avoid logic less gossip, instead of it involves jokes and tries to smile all the time
  7. Focus on long term goals instead of short term
  8. Prepare a path to achieve long term goals according to your budget and circumstances.
  9. Listen to music according to your mood
  10. Build the habit of reading (reading should be anything like novels, quotes, ritual books, motivated content on google etc)
  11. Speak less do work more with great patience

All these points would be superb options for youth. If they adopt it soon they will reach high in his life soon. Reading is the only option though which individually performs best in life. The great astrologer said “ reading the weapon of success” without reading learning is not possible even listening points skip out of mind but continuously makes mind powerful physically, emotionally, socially, politically, technically, and so on.

Moral of Book “You Can Win. “

The Book You Can Win by Shiv Khera teaches individuals to transform every negative thought into a positive. In daily life routine circle, we got challenged through our surroundings to make minds discouraged about anything related to issues at the time You Can Win Book said to us no need to be discouraged it will take your all success achieving power try to transform your negatives into positive vibes.

In Personal life, Professional life, and Social life everywhere you find negativity but the point is how you treat the world situation it doesn’t matter how the world treats you. Shiv Khera Book You can win enforce the word be positive means be positive if possible or if not possible.

The whole body is yours so you could control your heart and mind doesn’t need to be stuck with it. Just try to optimize your situation perhaps the situation is out of your control so either leave it or try to overcome it.

Maybe many times you tried to manage your condition but got failures in every attempt then what will you stop doing work on that or again try to solve it. Shiv Khera Book You Can Win says that trying again and again to achieve your goals failures does not matter your success matter for many at least it matters for you especially then why you need someone else to motivate yourself.

Courage yourself internally, the effect of external motivation finished at a time but internal motivation and positive is long lasting. In the end “The power of your habit had in your hand”.

You Can Win Author Introduction (Shiv Khera)

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