The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat – Book Summary

The book “three mistakes of my life” by Chetan Bhagat is based on friendship vibes. You know the world is nothing without friends. An individual could be happy without friends while spending time with himself or his family member but having superior and enthusiastic friends makes life enjoyable and grateful for each moment of life.

Here I explained the 3 mistakes in my life book summary written by Chetan Bhagat. I shared my personal and social experiences with a great real-life example. You will understand the whole book summary in this blog post. I hope you will enjoy reading it.

The 3 mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat (Introduction)

Before starting “The 3 Mistakes of My Life Summary you should know about the writer of this book. The Book 3 Mistakes of My Life was written by Chetan Bhagat in the year 2008. Chetan Bhagat was born on 22 April 1974 in Delhi. He was the great author and writer of his era.

His mother worked for the government’s agriculture department, while his father served as a lieutenant colonel in the Indian Army. Chetan Bhagat received his technical education at IIT Delhi before completing his MBA at IIM Ahmadabad. Then he was married to Anusha, a classmate. He moved his family to Canada after that.

He worked in a bank since he didn’t want to write books. After some time, in 2004, he published his debut book, “Five Point Someone.” And it went on to become a bestseller.

Eight bestsellers were written by him: Half girlfriend (2014), One Indian girl (2016), the girl in the room, the 3 mistakes of my life (2008), and the 3 points someone (2004).  And of these eight books, five have been successfully adapted into movies. He is a motivational speaker and screenwriter who also contributed to Salman Khan’s blockbuster film Kick. Sushant Singh Rajput plays a vital role to make a movie on the book “the 3 mistakes of my life.”

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The 3 mistakes of my life Book Summary

This story is based on 3 friends living in Ahmedabad in western India. At the initial level, the story was published in the Gujarati language after seeing the book going out of stock publishers start selling the same book in different languages. 

Main Character of the story

GOVIND: He is the story’s narrator. He has a strong sense of business. He wanted to become an entrepreneur.

ISHAAN: He is a cricketer.

OMI: He is a guy, who has no plans for his future and engaged all time thinking about career.

ALI: He is the best cricketer and student of the Ishaan.

GEETA: He is a sister of Ishan. And Govind fall in love with her.


Fall in Love with Friend Circle: Govind falls in love with Ishaan’s sister. Govind met Ishaan’s sister in such a way that life changed. Ishaan loves her sister a lot. His sister is named Vidya. Ishaan asked Govind to teach Vidya mathematics for her entrance exam. During the preparation for exams, Vidya is attracted by Govind and confesses her love.

Govind wanted to accept her proposal but he was confused about friendships. Govind rejected Vidya’s proposal and start leaving her alone. When he lived far from Vidya he realized his love. Then he also confesses to Vidya.

Destiny does not want their relationship to grow. They both separated due to some reasons. A few months later the match begin between India and Australia in Goa.

In the cricket match both meet each other and Govind realizes his mistake which he did a few months later. But Vidya forgets everything and they restart their journey together.

(This story tells never fall in love with your friend’s sister and relatives)

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Investing all money in single project: The three friends started shopping mall to grow their business and financial condition. But their biggest mistake is that they invested all their assets in a single project. They should keep some amount of reserve as assets or capital for future loss recovery. Unfortunately, they did not do so.

Due to the earthquake, the shopping mall was destroyed totally. Huge economic fluctuation becomes the reason for the separation of three friends. In some of the places, Govind showed his selfishness in business. He only wanted to reach the business top of the sky with any condition and any cost just because of his attitude he lost all his friends.

 (Never invest your and your known one money in single project keep some reserve for future uncertainty) 


Don’t Be Too Much Selfish which Cause Human Life: This is the story of when three friends suffering from Hindu-Muslim Riots. When Omi’s uncle lost a son in a clash between Hindus and Muslims. Omi’s uncle becomes enraged and decides to burn the Muslims as a result both mother and father of Ali’s were dead. 

But in a building, Ishaan, Govind, and Omi conceal Ali. Omi’s uncle and his companion managed to enter the building, and he told Ali to exit because he was Muslim. Though Ishaan declines. Omi died trying to save Ali. Omi’s uncle was horrified to see Omi perishing in front of him. He then plunges a knife in Ali’s direction.

Govind considers saving Ali but understands he might also pass away. Govind turns egotistical. A short while later, he makes the decision to save Ali, but it was too late. A knife hurled by Omi’s uncle causes Ali to have a wrist injury. 

Omi’s uncle also passes away during the fight. Ali’s hand was inoperative. Ishaan then begins to ignore Govind, which is why the stores only receive half. Ishaan Cricket Store occupies one side, and Govind’s Stationery occupies the other.

(This was the third mistake of Govind’s life. “If he hadn’t been selfish, he could have saved Ali without hurting him.”)

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4. Happy Ending

Ali needs to raise 5 lakh rupees for his wrist surgery. Ishaan adamantly rejects Govind’s offer of money. But Govind and Vidya eventually visited Ishaan and apologized for their error.

Govind is pardoned by Ishaan, and they eventually cross paths. After Ali’s wrist heals, he resumes playing cricket as before. Govind and Vidya lives together after solving all misunderstandings.

While reading 3 Mistakes of My Life Book I like most the moral of story that teach us “never be too much greedy or selfish which cause human life.”

I hope you are enjoying story too.   

The 3 mistakes of my life Movie (Sushant Singh Rajput)

The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat is the source for the film Kai Po Che. The friendship spirit is honored in this novel. This book centers around three buddies, Ishan, Omi, and Govind.

The Director Abhishek Kapoor turned The 3 Mistakes of My Life into a Bollywood film, which he titled “Kai Po Che” and debuted in theatres in 2013. This movie inspires many people. With the late Sushant Singh Rajput, RajKumar Rao, and Amit Sadh playing the key roles, it was a faithful translation of the book.

In comparison to the book, the movie earned a lot of praise and excellent reviews. I chose the book because of the movie, and it was one of the best reads at that time. ‘Kai Po Che’ presents unique and perspective ideas on friendship when compared to other Bollywood films on the subject.

This book or novel gives me great friendship vibes. The three mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat is a must-read book that you would love to have on your book collection if you enjoy reading books with themes of friendship, sports, and life.

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The 3 mistakes of my life Book Review

I really wanted to give 100 out of 100 marks to this book. While giving a review on The 3 mistakes of my life I am feeling glad just because this book explains real-life circumstances of professional and personal life. Chetan Bhagat wrote a book full of drama, reality, and species. The 3 mistakes in my life book are perfect for the youngster for practicing ethics and the entrepreneurship process.

Chetan Bhagat wrote the book in the easiest language so you can easily adopt the focal concept of the book. If you will still face problems then obviously I mentioned the summary through this you could understand the book’s theme.

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Conclusion of Book “The 3 Mistakes of My Life”

Well it is really difficult for me to conclude 248 pages of book focal point in a 50 to 100 words. But for your understanding I mention few important and knowing points. After reading the book 3 mistakes of my life and watching the movie Kai Po Che I got to know the following points.

  1. Try to don’t do all those mistakes which can destroy your whole life.
  2. If you did mistake then admit it and move forward to correct mistakes with effective process.
  3. Enjoy every moment of your life. No matter what is the condition going on just move forward accept reality and enjoy according to your terms.
  4. Never afraid with failure it gives you knowledge and strength to competitive with frontiers.
  5. If you are getting failure again and again that mean you need more practice and revision of strategy which you make for achieving target.
  6. Leave whatever happened in past just focus on present to make future perfect.
  7. Don’t try to invest your money on single project or goal only. Just invest 60 to 70% instead of 100%. May be your investment would not give you result so it’s better at initial level invest less than if you notice the improvement then invest more otherwise change your strategy and method of business.
  8. Don’t be too selfish for your ambitions which harm your relation and friendship. Thinking about career and goals is good but achieving target without hurting someone is superior skill of individual who wanted to leave peaceful life.

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