The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking Book Summary, review, quotes by Dale Carnegie

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking Book Summary by Dale Carnegie

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking help those people who are struggling with a lack of confidence while speaking publicly. “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking Book” written by the great American Writer “Dale Carnegie” offers tips on how to achieve success in both professional and personal life while the engaging audience in your talks.

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking Book Introduction

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking was written by Dale Carnegie to help the individual with effective communication skills. Whoever is afraid to speak in a public place between the audiences this book helps them to boost confidence and learn soft skills through some techniques.

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking is the perfect presentation of the year 1965 to boost a positive mindset. Dale Carnegie shares some diamond methods to speak effectively or naturally publically.

Why we should read this Book?

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking Excellent book to enhance public speaking skills with influencing marketing concepts. Whoever struggling with communication and presenting skills this book is an excellent method to learn all the basic to advanced skills of effective speaking.

Dale Carnegie wrote books like “How to Influence People and Win Friends”, “How to Enjoy Life and Job”, and so many other books to stand people’s standards in front of other people. To raise the level of education and skills he offered courses and books through which they enhance their skill while reading and applying all features in real life.

With great spirit, Dale Carnegie wrote the book “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking” to help the person to acquire a soft skill or demanding skills soon without too much investment. You should read the book “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking” to raise your skills.

Insight or Core Ideas

  • Most people, even the world’s best orators, are anxious about speaking to people.
  • The perfect presentation is interplay between content, speaker and audience.
  • To earn the right to speak on a subject, it’s important to limit and define your subject, humanize and personalize the content matter and use specific, concrete language to ensure your point gets across.
  • To vitalize your subject matter, choose topics that energise you with which you have personal experience. This way you can offer a human interest angle.
  • Reach out to the audience by being humble and inviting them to be a partner in your speech and its delivery.
  • Presentations should always be short, action-orientated and beneficial.
  • The Magic Formula is one example, one point, one action.
  • To guarantee that your argument is conveyed correctly, use visual language, straightforward expressions, and brief action-specific delivery at all times.
  • Have an example on available for impromptu speeches and speak passionately in a concise and self-explanatory manner.
  • Always prepare what you are going to say but allow practice and the audience to guide how you choose to say it with reason.
  • For longer speeches, grab the audience’s attention right away; build tension, and use audience involvement and tales to keep them engaged.
  • Prepare to back up your main points, but only provide the most crucial details and expand on them if requested.
  • Seek up opportunities to speak in front of an audience to enhance your skills.

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Part-1 Fundamentals Technique of Effective Speaking

1. Acquiring the Basic Skills First

  • Take heart from what others have gone through.
  • Keep your aim in mind.
  • Make up your mind to succeed or success.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to practice.

2. Developing Confidence to Speak

  • Learn the truth about public speaking anxiety.
  • Make the necessary preparations.
  • Make up your mind to succeed.
  • Act assured or confident.

3. Speaking Effectively the Quick and Easy Way

  • Speaking about something you have earned the right to talk about through experience or study in the topics
  • Be sure you are excited about your subject to talk
  • Be eager to share your talk with your listeners with full expression and feelings

Part-2 Speech, Speaker, and Audience

1. Earn Right to Talk

  • Limit your subject (Don’t explore totally, express according to time and need of topic)
  • Create a store of strength.
  • Include visuals and examples in your presentation.
  • Make use of concrete, everyday words that conjure up images.

2. Vitalizing the Talk Before Speaking

  • Choose subjects you are earnest about
  • Relive the Feelings you have about your topic concern
  • Act in earnest

3. Sharing the Talk with the Audience

  • Talk in terms of your listeners’ interests
  • Show your gratitude in a genuine and true way
  • Make a connection with the audience.
  • Make your audience a participant in your presentation.
  • Make fun of oneself.

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Part-3 The Purpose of Prepared and Impromptu Talks

1. Making the Short Talk to Get Action

  • Give your example, an incident from your life while speaking
  • State your point, what you want the audience to do
  • Give the reason or benefit the audience may expect your talk

2. Making the Talk to Inform

  • Limit your topic to match the time you have available
  • Arrange your ideas in a logical order.
  • As you make your points, make a list of them
  • Contrast the odd with the commonplace.
  • Make use of visual aids.

3. Making the Talk to convince the audience or anyone

  • Gain confidence by demonstrating that you are deserving of it.
  • Obtain a positive response.
  • Speaking with a contagious sense of Energy
  • Show your audience that you care about them personally
  • Begin with a pleasant greeting.

4. Making Impromptu Talks

  • Practice speaking on the spot.
  • Prepare yourself psychologically to speak on the spur of the moment.
  • Start with an example right away.
  • Speak with vigor and animation.
  • Make use of the Here and Now idea.
  • Don’t talk impromptu–Give an impromptu talk

Part-4 The Art of Communicating

1. Delivering the Talk

  • Break through your self-conscious shell.
  • Don’t attempt to be someone else; instead, be yourself.
  • Make eye contact with your audience.
  • Put your heart and soul into what you’re saying.
  • Make your voice powerful and flexible through practicing

Part-5 the Challenge of Effective Speaking

1. Introducing Speakers, Presenting and Accepting Awards

  • Thoroughly prepare what you are going to say
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Thoroughly prepare the talk of presentation according to time
  • Express your sincere feelings in the talk of acceptance with full confidence and expression

2. Organizing the Longer Talk

  • Get attention immediately
  • Avoid getting unfavorable attention
  • Support your main ideas
  • Appeal for action frequently

3. Applying What You Have Learned

  • In ordinary discourse, use particular details.
  • In your career, use effective speaking strategies.
  • Seek out opportunities to speak in front of an audience.
  • You must persevere.
  • Keep the certainty of a reward in mind.

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The Four Facts About “Fear of Speaking in Public”

When you talk about something you really know and love –you’ll be confident enough to consider yourself practically fearless.

There are four facts about fear of speaking in public:-

1. You are not alone in your fear of public speaking; 

2. A certain amount of stage fright is beneficial: it is nature’s way of preparing us to face unusual challenges in our environment; 

3. Many professional speakers never completely overcome their stage fright;

 4. The main cause of your fear of public speaking is simply that you are not used to speaking in front of others.

What I learnt from the Book 

You can only focus on your words, action and expression while speaking in public. Not a single person is born with effective speaker quality they adopt the skills according to interests and thoughts.

Dale Carnegie said, “Speaking is just like a experience, you have to tell the audience about your experience.” Speaking should contain the following points:-

  • To persuade or get action;
  • Speak to inform
  • Speak to impress and convince the audience effectively;
  • Try to entertain the audience while speaking.

Always keep your aim in mind and never stray from it; imagine your speech as a house: you wouldn’t build one without a blueprint, right?

Also, be enthusiastic about the topic you intend to discuss. It’s one thing to be able to talk about something, but it’s quite another to genuinely want to talk about it.

Speaking is an art that comes inside our hearts after long practice. Practice speaking in front of the mirror, walls, and all non-living things first who cannot judge you. Then speak in front of parents, relatives, friends, peers, unknown ones then at last speak in front of a large audience who will express their thoughts after listening to you.

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