Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life

Life’s Amazing Secrets Book Summary Introduction by Gaur Gopal Das

You come to my blog to know about what things make life amazing. So let me tell you something different. Life is unstable same as water. Water can’t be stable in a place which symbolizes the journey of life. The book “Life’s Amazing Secrets Book by Gaur Gopal Das” helps to know the purpose of your life.

Gopal Das spent his life as a Monk. It does not mean that they don’t have luxurious life or they could not afford it. He is leaving monk life to understand the life circle and purpose of life of an individual. Gopal Das presented his experience and knowledge about life’s amazing secrets through the medium of books.

He is playing a vital role to develop society’s mindset and reaching the economic condition high. The book Life’s Amazing Secrets describe the path of “How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life.” Gaur Gopal Das is a monk who lives simple life but teaches best lessons of life. If you are not able to find out your purpose then read “life’s amazing secrets book summary.”

Here I would try to explain all the precious parts of the book in my words. But if you can afford then purchase the book yourself then read it. Because self-reading boost your emotional touch and makes it easy to adopt the points mentioned in the book.

Why You Should Know About “Life’s Amazing Secrets”

You cannot the benefits of reading the book life’s amazing secrets, this book contains 4 principles and 10 golden keys written by the Monk Shri. Gaur Gopal Das in 2018.

Life’s Amazing Secrets Book makes you aware of balancing figures of different stages of life circle. This book helps to build the right balance between work, relationships, society, and spirituality.

You know, if people would not able to balance their emotional touch, physical touch, social touch, and regional touch then they never understand what actual happiness is.

Behind the smiles, everyone is going through personal struggles we know nothing about it. Also neither we are interested to know someone’s feelings nor wanted to solve their issue. The book life’s amazing secrets teaches how to find balance and purpose in your life. 

To develop a mindset and happiness you need to read the great book “Life’s Amazing Secret.” Only this book helps people to understand the concept of the balancing method.

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Fundamental Techniques of foundation of a happy life

This book relates you with your day to day issues of personal, professional, and social life.  Before explaining the four principles hereby I want to inform this book is fully filled with great and easiest illustrations which help to understand the concept of each principle.

Ice cream and a candle are one of the better drawings in this book that I particularly enjoyed. In the long term, he explains whether you can be one or try to do something else. Candles burn out, but they illuminate others.  On the other hand, Ice cream melts over time and does not benefit a big audience but still tries to change before the meeting begins.

Personal life

Seeing the positive in terrible situations appears to be the most difficult task for anyone. When you have negativity takes over the mind, we lose our ability to focus on the beauty around us and, as a result, our ability to solve issues reduces. We must train our minds to think positively and feel capable of dealing with issues. 

GRATITUDE is another method to live a happy and exciting life. Gratitude is the thankful people who are happy, not the happy people who are grateful! During difficult periods in life, we learn who truly cares about us, and being grateful for their support provides us with the inner strength to overcome obstacles.

So, your difficult time helps you to find out the right people who love you heartedly. Don’t take your bad time as a negative circle of your time this is the time to know the reality of people and your strength.

Don’t worry about things over which you don’t have control. If you are stuck with those things you don’t have control then it will cause a development path. Be positive and work hard with the strength of positivity whether you control the things or not. In both cases, we should don’t worry. 

Our happiness is built on a foundation of spiritual practice. It leads us through difficult times and grounds us at happy moments. Regular practices of spiritual boost the adaptability to accept the reality easily.

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Professional or Work life

Maintaining a happy and uplifting work environment is critical to one’s individual success as well as the success of the company. Rather than engaging in toxic workplace contests and filthy politics, we should strive for personal excellence by constantly improving ourselves.

We will work in an excellent work environment when we get to know our actual interests or passion. Before doing any work collect the information about of work through which you can do it better than someone else.

Whoever hand over work to you try to complete soon this help to achieve respect and promotions.

We tend to compare and compete with others at work rather than compare and compete with ourselves. Try to beat your records instead of others.

You must embark on a journey of self-discovery to discover your life’s mission. And this is possible when you work on yourself.

Spend with kindness and earn with integrity. This is possible when you realize the importance of work in life. Respect your work and complete it with dedication and interest.

Always remember if your words fail to prove yourself, it is the character that shines brightly.

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My personal advice is to keep distance from those people who demotivate you, try to lead down yourself, don’t respect you, and they are with you just because of self benefits.

If your relatives, friends, cousins, and people around you are not good then you could not achieve anything easily. In each path, they try to stop you so it’s better to keep distance from them without telling them the reality.

Great Philosopher said that “keep distance from those people who do not want to see you at the top of success. “

It never implies that we ignore the relation problem totally. Rather, we must gently correct the other individual. Relationships are similar to mutual funds in that we must first invest (love, affection, and praise) before we can withdraw (correct or criticize them with sensitivity). We can only fix individuals if we invest in them.

FORGIVENESS is an essential component of maintaining positive interpersonal relationships. Also, Empathy is an important aspect of forgiveness. Try to forgive people if possible. As we know forgiveness is difficult. To internalize it, we must first grasp it thoroughly.

Always remember “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that,” Martin Luther King Jr. declared. Hate cannot drive out hatred; only love can do so,” emphasizes the significance of forgiveness in one’s life.

When we include a spiritual element in our relationships, they become stronger. Offering and accepting presents, opening one’s thoughts and enquiring in confidence, and providing and receiving food that fosters love relationships are three various approaches to becoming excellent friends with someone.

Social Contribution

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” A great way to find happiness and satisfaction while doing social growth. 

Contributions to social life understand by the example of candles and ice cream which we mentioned above. Life is a path from selfishness as (Ice-cream) to selflessness as (Candle), leading to contentment and long-term happiness.

ICE-concept CREAM’s is to savor it before it melts.

The idea of CANDLE, on the other hand, is to “provide light to others before it melts.”

We’re all somewhere in the middle. Also always remember “Selflessness should not be mistaken with “compassionate tiredness,” or over-caring. An empty cup cannot fill the cups of others.”  

Even the plane’s safety instructions specify that you should put on your own oxygen mask first before helping others in an emergency. Our circle of selflessness should begin with our family (our closest and most loved ones), but it should not end there. We should also assist others who are not in our close care and compassion. 

In short words “Helping others as well without any selfishness.” 

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Life’s Amazing Secrets Book Quotes

“Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold.”

 “Watch your thoughts, they turn into words. Watch your words, they turn into actions. Watch your actions, they turn into habits. Watch your habits, they turn into character. Watch your character, it turns into your destiny.’ It all begins with a thought.”

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”

“When things are beyond your control and there is nothing you can do, why worry?”

“We must find positivity in the bleakest situations and live by the principle of gratitude”

“Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

“Offering gifts and accepting gifts, opening one’s mind and inquiring in confidence, sharing food and receiving food are the six exchanges that develop loving relationships.”

“As a monk, I have to be cautious of overindulgence; it is essential to stay regulated in our habits.”

“Feeling peaceful, happy and content is not about avoiding challenges in our life, but about how we navigate through these challenges to reach the type of life we want to live.”

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Top 10 Buddhist Rules

  • Find your own path
  • Become undaunted : (“There are only two mistakes one can make on the path to truth: failing to go all the way and failing to begin.”)
  • Take small steps toward your internal passion or goal
  • Work hard with Honesty
  • Think positively : “Our thoughts form us; we become what we think. Joy accompanies the pure mind like a shadow that never leaves.”
  • Embrace your failures : “Do not reflect on the past or daydream about the future; instead, focus on the present now.”
  • Don’t compare yourself to others : “Do not overestimate your gratitude or desire others. He who is envious of others will never be happy.”
  • Get the right friends : “A wild beast may harm your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”
  • Live a balanced life : “Men cannot survive without a spiritual life, just as a candle cannot burn without fire.”
  • It’s about the journey : “It’s preferable to travel well than to arrive late.”

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