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Introduction of freecareertip.com Website

Dear Visitors, we hope you are doing well. This is Varsha Tiwari. I am working as an International Tutor, Professional Blogger, Content Writer, and Digital Marketer at Freecareertip.com. We started this blog in 2022 to share information about technology, and inspiring personalities to help you to motivate through your life journey. We categories our website into four parts.
a. How to Article
b. Summary
c. Inspiring Personalities (PR)

We made a “how to article” category to help readers to get information about how to become anything in future, and how you solve your personal, social, economical and professional problems effectively.

The “Book Summary” category helps you to get motivation while reading stories and comics. Many people could not afford motivation, social, learning and other books for getting information on some particular topics. We provide book summaries to boost learner confidence levels through billions of motivation summaries.

Now days, people not working for a happier life, they are working for luxurious life. Sometimes they could not achieve targeted goals and demotivate after some attempts. We will help those people to stay motivated and self-confident until they achieve their target. We will perform this activity by providing stories of our inspiring personalities.

This website is useful for those who want to read books, get technical information, find some solutions, and interesting to read the story of inspiring personality. Although, our YouTube channel helps them to enhance information about facts.

Why Readers Visit My Blog

You can think of our website as a resource for new ideas and inspiration which help you to develop a mindset. We started this freecareertip.com as a side project. I was working on the business when I wrote my first essay. To serve society something different. Now we have great team to manage each things properly.

The ultimate vision of our life is to offer society quality content. This website helps you to learn that you should not fight for credit, just fight with yourself for the result. In order to motivate people to take control of their habit patterns and accept each moment as an opportunity to bring all aspects of their actual identities to completion, our aim is to inspire them to take control of their habit patterns.

As a writer and blogger, self-regulation has become my core theme of life. Our website blog is dedicated to teaching you key life skills to stay motivated and encourage learning with fun. As a writer, we all analyse that reading has the power to change the world of a person if they adopt continuous reading habits.  This website helps you to learn mind-reading, self-awareness, wisdom, seeing things clearly, and more…

Our Core Focus is:-
a. Making a community of readers
b. Motivating and Boosting Confidence of readers through stories
c. Help you to solve your how to questions
d. Providing detailed information of technology industry

“Are You Stealing Information From Books or Other Websites?”

No. we are not stealing any information. We just summaries are original in my own words. We don’t just copy and paste snippets from the books but yes to make you aware about books we keep taking some valuable points from the books. As you know, whatever the biggest philosopher, astrologer, speaker, writer and so on people say all that is mentioned in some books and some of depended upon the insider view mixer of it you are listening to. The same is true here, we will share all necessary information in my own words.

We admire all of the authors and understand how much time and effort it takes to write them. Consider my book summaries to be supplementary content. Writing a book summary is similar to doing commentary on it and discussing the topics addressed in it. We read the books and then extract significant concepts from them. Then we’ll write based on my own knowledge and experience. Or expand on an important concept. So it will definitely is not copy-pasted.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the best for the visitors. We can help the visitor in personality, physically, mentally and socially development through providing valuable and moral able points.

be awesome time to time.

If you are still reading about us page, it means you are finding something different from others on my website. Please be continue ….. 

freecareertip.com helps readers to grow up positive mind set through different mediums. Our main focused is to bring more and more readers to mobilizing reading and study theme.

And THANK YOU Very Much to show your love and patience while reading it. We hope you enjoy reading the articles on freecareertip.com

Happy Reading!!!


Varsha Tiwari (I am grateful to have such readers) & My Team