Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chinese Drama Summay in English

Introduction of Drama

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a Best Chinese drama Series or Summary that has 24-episodes that arrived in April-May 2019 and is available on YouTube with English subtitles. I really liked the drama first half of the series and found it very interesting & charming but after half series, I lost interest because of my own reason. 

This drama theme is taken from the novel Zhao Qianqian’s. The drama is based on two collage going students who belong from very different fields. Both had to live together because of their parents consult. The girl mom and boy mom is childhood friend because of that they had to live together otherwise their parents would not help in term of economical support. Furthermore, you can see in the episodes by in sequences manner. 

Put Your Head on My Shoulder is Best Chinese Drama Summary Series for help youngster to understand the warm love & professional life with healing power also drama tells the individual that does not compromise your career in front of your love. 

Top 7 Characters of Put Your Head on My Shoulder

  • Lin Yi as Gu Weiyi                                  (Si Tu Mo’s love)
  • Xing Fei as Si Tu Mo                              (Gu Weiyi love)
  • Tang Xiaotan as Fu Pei                          (Si Tu Mo’s boyfriend)
  • Zheng Yingchen as  Wang Shan           (Si Tu Mo’s dorm room mate)
  • Zhou Zi Xin as Xie Yu Yin                       (Lab Senior of Gu Weiyi)
  • Yi Sha as Xu Jie Er
  • Zhou Jun Wei as Lin Zhicun

Gu Weiyi is a Physics student with having an attractive look and is very determined toward his professional life. He is also tender, loving, understanding, and a skilled cook. Gu Weiyi tries everything to gain Momo’s love, but Momo is a slow lover.

Let’s know about Si Tu Mo! She is a short girl with having smart look and enjoying every moment of life. She likes everything related to Doraemon. Even coffee mugs, bags, shoes, cloth, room décor, and almost everything are related to Doraemon. Initially, she does not like Gu Weiyi but after passing time she realizes that he is not only considering about career also has a caring personality inside him. And slowly she falls in love with him.

All Episodes

Episode-1 Accidental Meeting

Si Tu Mo was about to graduate from her Accounting course and needed a job or internship. But she is looking job in an advertising company which is a really big task for her. By luck, she got an interview call for placement.  

She woke up early in the morning but getting eventually her friend Fu Pei help her to reach the placement place on his bike. Oh god, what’s wrong between the path? Then another bike crashed by Fu Pei bike.

The biker was Gu Wei Yi, who looked most concerned when he saw that Si Tu Mo was squatted on the ground with her dress caught on the wheel of the fallen bicycle. In this accident, Si Tu Mo got late for her interview and her dress got stuck with her bike. But Gu Wei without wasting time tear her dress and Si Tu Mo gets angry at him. Because she has to go for an interview.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Best Drama Summary in English
An Accidental Meeting Between Si Tu Mo and Gu Wei Yi – Put Your Head on My Shoulders

She goes to the interview without giving a second thought to her attire. She was doing well in her interview with the panel until they asked for her CV, at which point she submitted a test paper on physics research.

The interview is going impressive but when the interviewer asks for a CV it shows a lack of experience in the field. Drab her attention toward resume and find that her CV was exchanged by Wei Yi.

Another side, Wei Yi was taking an important exam to choose an intern for a prominent professor with a large waiting list. He had to leave the examination venue since he was missing his test papers. Wei Yi immediately contacted Fei Pe and asked her to contact Si Tu Mo about the bags.

Si Tu Mo and Wei Yi had only recently met, yet he had already become her hero in shining white. He was there for her when she needed assistance after her wallet was stolen from her luggage. He then drove her to the hospital, where physicians examined her bruises and injuries.

Episode-2 Relation Between Characters

This episode of Put Your Head on My Shoulder drama based on the relationship between Fu Pei and Si Tu Mo. Fu Pei is the basketball champion in their high school. He promised Mo when they will graduate he will pursue a relationship with Mo as a boyfriend. But after graduating the moment of their relationship beginning does not come as she waiting for it along.

One day Mo watched a girl with Fu Pei, the girl was an early girlfriend of Fu Pei Si Tu Mo thought which is not right. She was crying on the shoulder of Fu Pei at last night when both drunk. And Fu tells the girl that he will not live with Si Tu Mo any longer.

All conversation between them was heard by Mo and she decided to stop liking Fu Pei longer. In at early morning, Fu Pei tried to shot out all the misunderstandings by Si Tu Mo but she did not listen to him.

But still, Fu Pei was telling continuously that he was trying to stop crying the girl, she is not my girlfriend then Mo turned back to say Fu Pei if that’s the case then why he kissed her last night. He explained that he was drunk, and thought she was you that’s why all things happen. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to make him boyfriend anymore but he can be live around her as a friend.

Episode-3 Journey with Broken Dream

The next morning everything will be changed some new story start their journey, some old memories deleted by heart, some new hurdles are going to come in life. Si Tu Mo starts her new life journey with Doraemon.

Si Tu Mo had given up her wanting to do a job in an advertising firm. She decided to carry on a relevant subject job in which she has knowledge. Working in an advertising company is her dream which she saw with Fu Pei now he is not available around her so the dream will also need some changes.

Now she got a call from a big firm in the accountancy post. Eventually, the job location is too far from her dorm. She is offering her best that’s why she wanted to do the job.

Si Tu Mo suggested going to her childhood friend house for living which is nearby her work location meanwhile she can save earnings and get security as well.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder  Chinese drama review
With broken Heart she met with Gu Wei Yi

She decided to accept her mother offer. She went to her mother’s friend house and clean the house according to her comfort. But she is not like every girl. She is not cleaning the house, cloth, dishes, garden and so on properly.

One day Mo mother said to Mo that her friend’s son coming soon to live in the house with you. Si Tu Mo does not like it. But she won’t have any other option. She accept everything which her mother wanted.

After some time landlord son come to the home. She saw him, Oh No! he is  Wei Yi.

Gu Yi doesn’t like home décor at all he starts making changes to them. But he doesn’t want her longer to stay at his home. Just because of parents they can’t do anything. She said to Gu Yi that doesn’t make changes to her room except for room they can change everything.

Gu Yi decided to take the right side room and Si Tu Mo left side.  At midnight Mo said to Gu Yi for exchange room and drab she caught stomache ache. To understand the emergency situation of her he took Mo to the hospital.

Overnight she feels relief now both are incoming.

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Episode-4 Living Together

He was looking after her. Buying her medicine and breakfast to make her feel better. Fu Pei found out about Si Tu Mo illness. Quickly realized that he have missed the boat with her.

But as a friend, he wanted to see her. For that, he went to the Mo and Gu Yi house. At that time both were washing clothes and suddenly Fu Pei watched that both are fallen into the blanket over them.

Si Tu Mo saw the Fu Pei and tried to make understand the actual situation. But Fu Pei thought he lost Si Tu Mo at all. Gu Yi started feeling analysis about his new feeling.

Episode-5 & 6 New Character Entry

Fu Pei went out drinking saw Wang Shan being accosted by some men.  He went to save her. After seeing his honorable attitude toward herself, Wang Shan start liking him.

Wang Shan was asking Fu Pei about his sad mood. He told her that he failed in exam but Wang Shan told him, that you are not said because of your failure, you feel upset to think about Si Tu Mo.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Summary
Relation between Fu Pei and Wang Shan

Still Wang Shan told him that she will help to crack the exam with good results. Fu Pei accepts and starts studying with her. Slowly Wang Shan has fallen in love with him. However, Fu Pei only likes Si Tu Mo.

Episode- 6 Alcoholic Party

On another side, Si Tu Mo mother comes to her home. Mo is frustrated to see that but Wei Yi feels fine and takes care of her mother too. Si Tu Mo’s mother told her that Wei Ye seems a very reliable young man, unlike Fu Pei who made Si Tu Mo cry piteously for a whole day and night.

She does not feel good at all that’s why decided to leave Gu Yi house. And next morning after going to her mother she went old dorm. Gu Yi missed her too much. After some day Gu Yi called Mo Mo to inform that her mother coming to visit again.

She packaged her bags at night and come back soon to Gu Yi house. Gu Yi seems to be happy after getting her to look. Her mother brought contract paper in which she mentioned if Si Tu Mo leave Gu Yi house then their parents would not support her anymore.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Best Drama Summary in English
Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Alcoholic Night

Forcefully Si Tu Mo has to accept it, however, she informed Gu Yi if her mother will go then she will also leave again. This decision of Si Tu Mo made her upset again.

At night she is going back to the dorm but her friends come to the Gu Yi house to meet her and celebrate the party. Gu Yi went to the kitchen for making food. Si Tu Mo also goes for his help to see all the helping nature of both Fu Pei starting drinking more.

Gu Yi does not drink but her friends made the drink for him and told him it is not containing alcohol which is not true at all.

Fu Pei was too drunk to protect him Wang Shan decided to drop him off at home safely.

Episode-7 Contractor of Living Together

The next day of the party, Wei Ye worries about Si Tu Mo, who has decided to move out once again. Wei Ye made every possible excuse to delay her going. But no benefits of all, suddenly the bell rings delivery boy come and handover courier which is sent by Mo mother.

Gu Yi flourishes with a smile because the contractor paper was sent by Mo’s mother which she signed last day. Si Tu Mo decided again to live with him.

Both decided to go for shopping to purchase a home or kitchen material. While shopping Si Tu Mo purchase one unavoidable thing which she realizes after getting home. Between the shopping, she met with Wang Shan and did some conversations about Fu Pei and the advertising agency.

Next day with Gu Wei Yi! Let’s read below.

Episode-8 Night Out with Gu Yei

Si Tu Mo and her friends decided to visit the beach overnight. Everyone went there including Gu Yi lab friends and Si Tu Mo dorm friends (Wang Shan, Fu Pei).

While visiting beach areas Wang Shan asked Si Tu Mo about Fu Pei relationship with her. She replied that she would not have an interest in him anymore. Also, suggest her go forward to confess her feeling for Fu Pei.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Best Drama Summary in English
Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Si Tu Mo with Gu Wei Yi night out together first time.

Before coming to the beach location Fu Pei had a meeting with his father and his father is not too supportive of his business ideas. But Wang Shan made Fu Pei convince about the execution of the idea if he wanted to do it.

Also, clarify if his idea will work then many people encourage from it and your father will accept all these after your success. Fu Pei accepts Wang Shan suggestion and starts working on the project.

Episode-9 Being of New Relation

As had pretty night everyone supporting each other. Fu Pei thought if Si Tu Mo forgives him so make bonding the same like early. Si Tu Mo and Fu Pei walked together over the beach then Fu Pei tried to hug Mo.

Gu Yi and Wang Shan watched them for a very long time. Si Tu Mo makes Fu Pei understand her feeling toward Gu Yi. She stops running from Fu Pei now she is ready to face him every time.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Summary
Fu Pei find her Soulmate Wang Shah and being the journey of career !!!

After time passes Fu Pei and Wei Yi conversation going on. Wei Yi did not ask about Si Tu Mo anything not even their relationship before the break-up. But Fu Pei wanted to know more about their relationship which Wei Yi did not tell him.

Although Si Tu Mo told about Wang Shan to Fu Pei. No doubt Fu Pei is always caring about Mo but still, Wang Shan is now also a focal point for him. Because of her, he cleared the exam and make business project execution planning many more she supported him every time. That’s why Fu Pei is caring about Wang Shan too.

Episode-10 Mo’s Birthday Party

New Triangle!

When Wei Ye and Si Tu Mo met up at school, they got into an argument. At the lab, Wei Ye was with his superior, and Si Tu Mo was with Wang Shan. Si Tu Mo could not be more adamant in rejecting that she was Wei Ye’s girlfriend when the elder claimed so, which made Wei Ye upset.

He began to ignore her, but only for a short time because he needed to invite Si Tu Mo to join him and his mother for dinner. Wei Ye was icy towards his mother, which Si Tu Mo thought was a wonderful thing, and he humorously inquired about his secret to converting his mother into someone so obedient.

Now it is the time of Si Tu Mo birthday party. Everyone celebrated her birthday party with fun, delicious food and exciting games. While playing games Mo lose the game as a penalty she was to stare unceasing at Wei Ye for three minutes. They did and they ended up being in a world of their own.

Now this time Wei Yi lose the game. His punishment is to take a selfie with the person he liked. He took a photo of himself with Si Tu Mo was just in the background. Everyone thought that he likes only himself but actually, Mo was also available in the pic while little still everyone did not notice that.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Best Drama Summary in English
Challenge time – Click Pic with Love One

Wei Ye was among the companions who became drunk. Si Tu Mo was dry when the incident occurred, and he cleaned up the mess. She attempted to lift Wei Ye into his bedroom, but he was too heavy. He opened his eyes and kissed her as she was looking at him. He has no recollection of anything the next morning. Si Tu Mo was irritated by this.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Drama Summary & Review
Si Tu Mo – Birthday Party Celebration

Wei Ye find the strange behavior of Mo, he tried to ask what happen to her but she is not ready to listen to anything. Si Tu Mo tried to make remember about last night but he could not able to recognize all.

He was confused with her behavior. After some time he asked his professor to give ideas related to how to attract a girl toward himself. The lab professor provide him book through which he tried to make her feel happy.

This book contains ideas to make girls happy. Now read the next episode in which you will see how Gu Yi tried to feel Si Tu Mo happy. And what consequences get him from her attitude.

Episode-11 Gu Yei Try to Confess

Another cutest Episode….

In this episode, Wei Yi tries to confess to Si Tu Mo with different methods.

After taking suggestions from the professor wife and his lab friend he wrote a poem in which he mentioned feeling about Mo. Gu Yi gave the poem Mo the next morning.

To read the entire poem and thought that is related to science notes because Gu Yi wrote the poem as a brain-storm which she could not understand. She asked Gu Yi why he gave her a science note.

He wrote proudly another poem but unfortunately, she does not get it. The lab friend makes Gu Yi fun in concern of losing confession chance.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Drama Summary & Review
Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Si Tu Mo Fall In Love with Gu Wei Yi

Next, he made a snowman and put it inside the fridge in the hope of she will check tomorrow morning fridge and gets his love toward herself. Bad luck again; she could not open the fridge next two days. After 3 days she found twigs and leaves spread over the fridge.

Gu Yi become angry and sad to see that Mo did not see the snowman which he made with his heart and moved out of the room then went to the lab. Mo was shocked by his attitude and went to ask what is going on.

Episode-12 Who is Fu Pei Girlfriend?

Relationship between Fu Pei and Wang Shan…

Fu Pei is now officially going out with Wang Shan. This happened when Si Tu Mo asked Fu Pei point-blank if he likes Wang Shan. Poor Fu Pei cannot deny that he likes Wang Shan. He is confused about his feelings for Wang.

Gu Yei got sick and had to stay home. Yu-Yen, his lab senior, made him a visit, which irritated Si Tu Mo, who grew agitated. Wu Yei wanted to know why she was angry with him.  The Gu Yei professor told him Si Tu Mo was jealous to see Yu-Yen with you at home with a very kind nature.

Episode-13 Yu-Yen Assure about Relationship

Yu-Yen went to the Mo house to know how she feels for Gu Yei. Yu-Yen directly asked Mo to his their any relationship between them. She assured Yu-Yen that she does not have any relation with Wu Yei from being flat mates.

Gu Yei wanted to ask Fu Pei about the likes and dislikes of Mo’s. When he is waiting for Mo outside the old dorm of Si Tu Mo. But Fu Pei is with Wang Shan and looking pretty with each other so decided to don’t disturb them.

To solve the misunderstanding of Mo’s he took a kitten that belong to a lab friend. He had to take a kitten because his friend going somewhere. Si Tu Mo saw a kitten looking very cute.

Gu Yei had allergic to the kitten which doesn’t know Mo. She brought a kitten around him because of that he caught an allergic and refused to take care of the kitten. But for Si Tu Mo he adjusts with a kitten.

He told Mo’s to keep the away kitten from him otherwise he will kiss her. But Si Tu Mo said it would not be the first time. Once you kissed me when you were drunk.

Episode-14 Is Gu Yei Remembered Alcoholic Night?

Initially, he could not remember last night when he was drunk. But after having some drink and pressurizes mind he got to know the kissed scene.

Now he got to know why she was angry with him early.

Again he went for advice from men in the science lab. This time they told him to give her special treatment and keep her with you those places where she likes and people would not disturb you then you can confess your love.

Gu Yei accepts his advice and keeps her garden or fairground but Si Tu Mo does not like it anymore. Just because of her mood Gu Yei would not able to confess.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Drama Summary
What happen when Gu Wei Yi remember Si Tu Mo party birthday party night.

Finally, Si Tu Mo got that he is doing hard for her to make her feel happy. She show her kind heart and tell Gu Yei to go to the beach or water location where she ate noodles. This makes Gu Yei feel that she likes this more.

Then next both come back to the home and he prepared morning food for Si Tu Mo.

The Next Episode is based on a proposal!!

Episode-15 Proposal Accepted!

Both eating together in the morning, suddenly Si Tu Mo asked Gu Yei “Do You Like Me”. Gu Yei was shocked and Mo’s thought she could not ask right then he changes the topic.

Reply comes after a pleasant feeling.

Yes, Yes…  I Like You! So cute.

Si Tu Mo was also shocked to hear it, but without showing any reaction she went to her room with a smiley face. Then applied to make up on the face to go outside for joyness.

But in the evening Fu Pei and Wang Shan come to their home and spoil their plan.

Episode-16 Gu Yei Try to Make Mo Feel Happy

Gu Yei went shopping with her after their job in the evening. Seriously, it is really a horrible thing to go shopping with a guy. Even my known one never prefers to go shopping with any man.

Gu Yei tried many clothes and each cloth makes them look awesome or gorgeous in everything he tried. Eventually, whatever Si Tu Mo tried to wear he makes loopholes in that. After many tries, she purchased jeans and a sweatshirt which she casually wears on normal days. Gu Yei like her looks all the time instead of a stylish and modern look. He likes her in a simple way.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese drama summary in english
Si Tu Mo asked Gu Wei Yi about his feeling for her.

Next, she commented that she always wanted to play in a ball pit. But she cannot do that because the ball pit allows only parents with their child.

Wei Yei wanted to make her happy for that he borrow child of cleaner through which they entre in the ball pit and enjoy a lot.

Si Tu Mo asked the child if the uncle had kidney him or not. The child told her to focus on going ball pit and left other things in their mind.


In this episode, nothing is impressive too.

Wang Shan stay with Mo at night through which Gu Yei feel up sat and said to Si Tu Mo to do something about her friend because they wanted to spend the night together.

Si Tu Mo call her friend Fu Pei to take care of Wang Shan but at midnight he could not able to come. So he told her to take care at least for this night. Mo accepted his concern and told Wei Yei that she cannot do anything.

Gu Yei ignored this situation and go back to the room because he don’t want any more to see the movie with Mo. At midnight Mo come back to the hall to bring a water bottle from the kitchen and saw the Gu Yei who is not sleeping. When she goes around him, he kissed her passionately.

The next morning Wang Shan went to give her final exam. Now they got time to spend together.

Si Tu Mo tells Gu Yei to do sometimes skateboarding which is good for their health but he doesn’t know what to do. Still, he tried his best. And also he gets to know that she likes skateboarding.

Sister Su decided to send Gu Wei Yei to Germany for supervising new students through which they can learn more and get high pay off during the job process. 

Episode-18 Vaccination Time with Family

It was the Spring Festival at the time. They have a two-week vacation that their families have obliged them to spend at their different homes. Si Tu Mo misses Wei Ye at the station even before they’ve split. She was blowing kisses at Wei Ye, making him very happy.

Gu Yei father doesn’t like the thing that his son living with a stranger girl at the same house. Gu Yei mother makes him understand that Mo is the person who changes the attitude of Gu Yei toward love.

Also, Gu Yei said to his father that he wanted to marry the same girl. His father said to him to leave this and focus on his career. This makes Gu Yei feel bad but he knew that his focus was the same as on Si Tu Mo. Nothing he wanted to miss.

After this family concern Gu Yei come back to Si Tu Mo but this time his attitude little changed. He becomes more passionate about his career and love. Si Tu Mo likes his new style.

Episode-19 Why Gu Yei Don’t Want to Marry

Wang Shan and Fu Pei both passed their graduation examinations.

Si Tu Mo was offered by the company to prepare the CDR form, which she do not know how to prepare. She asked Gu Yei to help her. He accepted his request. At late night both are preparing the project.

Mo sleep before the Gu Yei and he is completed her project after that they slept together. In at early morning, they found themselves on the same bed as their parents are also there calling them to open the door.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese drama summary in english
He is confused between love and career – Si Tu Mo understood his concept of concern.

Gu Yei and Mo suddenly started arranging the bed in a hurry. Gu Yei went to another room by the balcony.

Their parents come to fix their marriage date. But he is not ready to get married soon because he had to prepare a future plan or has to make more earning source.

She felt uncomfortable with their decision and asked directly if he is interested in marriage or not. Wei Yei would not reply to it.

After all, she went to do the job where she found Zhu Can her client. They got into an argument but over time, Zhu Can understand that by herself nothing is done. All is misunderstanding and both are going in good friendship.

At night Zhu Can and Si Tu Mo had drunk a lot at the same time Gu Wei Yei appeared and taken control of Si Tu Mo.

Episode-20 Pre Graduation Day

Wei Ye rode riding with the alcoholic Si Tu Mo, who began blowing into his ear. He was seeing her in a different light now. Si Tu Mo, on the other hand, remarked that he was just like her brother, which upset Wei Ye. Si Tu Mo should perceive him as a red-blooded man, he desired.

Meanwhile, it was just before graduation, and everyone was preoccupied with finishing up last-minute requirements for graduation, such as presenting their theses. The girls then requested that Si Tu Mo have Wei Ye prepare a graduation lunch for them.

Episode-21 Graduation Day

Si Tu Mo was about to be disappointed because her peers or friends had received flowers from their partners. She proceeded to the science lab to find Wei Ye, who was still there.

Xie Yu Yin, his laboratory senior, was almost obligingly attempting to mend Wei Ye’s tie. Si Tu Mo became enraged when he saw this.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese drama summary in english
Gu Wei Yi confused about the Photo shoot style – Preferring to Copy Si Tu Mo

Xie Yu Yin is the lab senior who likes Gu Yei most but she knew that Gu Yei only likes Mo but still she is trying to make impress Gu Yei. This makes Gu Yei comfortable and Mo shows all with jealousy. 

Everyone stand together to have a graduation snapshot. Some friends wanted individual pics and some of them were in the group. Everyone fly their caps in the sky and cheer up. Mo’s waiting for Gu Yei to have a snapshot.

Finally, he arrived but he was confused to take photos with Si Tu Mo because she is expressing different ways to click photos and another side Gu Yei even don’t know which pose he has to show. He copies Mo’s and makes heart or cheers in the photos.

Looking Very Pretty Together In This Moment.

Everyone miraculously cheered up, and the world is once again at peace. Everyone is preparing to leave the dorm and enter the real world.

Fu Pei is going to be an entrepreneur, establishing his own business. Wang Shang will be helping him.

Si Tu Mo discovered hidden money among her belongings that she had forgotten about, which came in useful after Wei Ye spent his entire stipend on an extravagant graduation party for Si Tu Mo’s colleagues.

He was so destitute later that he couldn’t afford to pay for their apartment’s utilities like water and electricity.

They went shopping for things for the house with Si Tu Mo’s unexpected money. They attempted to produce ceramics at the shop, and Si Tu Mo imagined herself with Wei Ye in a situation like Patrick Swayze and Demy Moore in Ghost.

Episode-22 China or Germany ?

In this episode, Gu Yei found shocking news.

After graduation, everyone settled down their lives with the courage of success in personal and professional life. With it, Gu Yei and Si Tu Mo start the new journey of life.

But it wouldn’t be easy for long, as Wei Ye passed the exam and was chosen as an exchange student to go to Germany. Si Tu Mo, on the other hand, is completely unaware of his plans to travel to Germany.

What happens next!!

Episode-23 Going to Germany

Wei Yei never mentioned his plans to visit Germany to Si Tu Mo. This may be a problem, he realized. Si Tu Mo may become enraged about being kept in the dark.

So, as soon as he could, he informed Si Tu Mo that he had received a decent score on the test and had qualified to travel to Germany.

Si Tu Mo was understandably furious, especially since Wei Ye had known for months that he would be travelling abroad.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese drama summary in english
Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Si Tu Mo (short girl) upset for herself

He told everything to Si Tu Mo also mentioned he is not sure about he will be selected or not that’s why he did not tell her. Before her, he took his decision with himself without consulting his parents but now he wanted to take the permission of Si Tu Mo.

Mo understood the situation. She told her to go to Germany to make his career brighter but Gu Yei knows that she is telling with not her heart. But still, without any argument, he accepted her decision and went to Germany.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese drama summary in english
Gu Wei Yi going Germany living Si Tu Mo behind.

All the time Si Tu Mo control herself to cry but at the airport when Gu Yei hugged she cannot control herself and starts crying. While crying she is telling to go for professional life in Germany for 6 months but come back soon for personal life.

Gu Yei analyzed first time the importance of love in life without wasting furthermore Si Tu Mo went home and Gu Yei took his flight.

Episode-24 Last Episode- Wedding

After 6 Months………..

Si Tu Mo resigned from the job due to their manipulative horrid boss. She decided to do another job. At the same time her mother said to her if she will not marry Gu Yei yet then maybe she would lose him forever.

Si Tu was upset with it but she knew at the last she refused to get married to him. Si Tu Mo was on the floor, staring at Circle when she noticed an envelope stuck to the underside of her desk. To keep Si Tu Mo from moving out, her mother and Wei Ye wrote a contract together. Si Tu Mo was aware of Wei Ye’s adoration for her even before she was aware of herself.

She packaged the bag to go to Germany. Her mother also helps her in this. In Germany, she arrived at Gu Yei bedroom and was asleep because of tiredness.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Summary
Gu Wei Yi and Si Tu Mo getting marriage

Gu Yei gets to know about her coming to Germany. Si Tu Mo awake sounds of a girl in the hall. Gu Yei trying to make the girl understand Si Tu Mo. But she wanted to make Gu Yei her boyfriend.

Gu Yei told about Si Tu Mo but still, she is not ready to understand it. At the last Si, Tu Mo said to the girl that she is pregnant by Gu Yei and he is my husband then the girl went outside while crying.

Gu Yei asked why you come here. She told him to marry you. Gu Yei told her that he already prepared for it. On the night day, he got married in the church.

Si Tu Mo is upset about marriage because marriage is being in the absence of their parents and her wedding dress is also missing. Now the six months is over they both went to china again at home.

In China, they married again in front of their parents and with the proper ritual of a wedding.

This is not the end of the drama………………

A few years later!

They had a child same as Gu Yei straight forward mind and very conscious about his business or profession. As well as he adopts some habit of Si Tu Mo.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Summary
Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese Drama Summary – Is all about your love life and profession life.

A miserable little child was alone in their living room, watching television while his parents went about their business. They both looked crazily at the youngster when they finally remembered they had a child.

Interesting or Moral Point

Many of you think that what is the moral of the story there is nothing special to learn from the love story or college story. But this is not all right. Every story leaves some moral behind the seen the thing is whom and how the moral you find in each storey.

Without taking your much time let’s come back to the focal topic. As you saw or read the story her Gu Yei, Si Tu Mo, Wang Shan, and Fu Pei all struggle between love and professional life.  They don’t know the right path for each action. But still, they keep going on toward their life in the hope of something good in the end.

Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese drama summary in English
Put Your Head on My Shoulder Chinese drama summary – Do Your Heart Says in Every Part of Your Life Journey

I am not telling every story to have a good ending but every story had good content to learn with each character. If your will power is ready to learn then it’s possible only.

The moral is “Do whatever you want but be honest in everything you do” OR “Show dedication toward work or love”.

If Gu Yei or Wang Shan could not focus on their love life then maybe they would not able to be with their crush. Or if Si Tu Mo and Fu Pei would not comment on the truth then it would not possible to get an honest partner.


A Love So Beautiful is based on a novel by the same author who penned Put Your Head On My Shoulder. It’s equally as basic and nice, but I think I like this one because the female character isn’t as needy.

Behind this, the drama is based on collages going guys who have to achieve success with their love. I prefer to watch this drama which is available in English subtitles on YouTube.

Gu Yei, Si Tu Mo, Fu Pei, and Wang Shan all were working the same for love and career. Not an individual person who only focus on career or crush. They managed everything very calmly with full patience and will power.

And finally Fu Pei and Wang Shan doing together for their business, another side Si Tu Mo and Gu Yei working for their relationship, business, and family life together.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chinese Drama Summary is incredible, impressive and funny which make us enjoyable whiling watching it

By Varsha Tiwari

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