Sameer Satyarth CEO of Raidonnews

Sameer Satyarth CEO of Raidonnews Full Life Discovery

I really feel so excited and nervous while writing about Mr. Sameer Satyarth, who is the CEO of Raidonnews. I achieved much appreciation from my seniors and clients whom I am working with. But my biggest achievement was to work with Sameer Sir and his team members.

I am thankful for that moment when he approached me with the proposal to work with his team. I don’t have any doubt only just because of him I am able to do work with many brands valued websites like daily hunt, funloby, Entrepreneur Stories, Punjab metro and so on.

I opened my website under the observation of my uncle and Sameer sir. They both played a vital role in each step. Whenever I asked them to help without any further delay and concern they were ready to help me every moment. Sameer sir is always dedicated to helping in their team member’s growth without any cost and selfishness. Mr. Sameer Satyarth CEO of Raidonnews (India’s Youngest Entrepreneur) Achieved great success rate during his teenage and school life cycle.

I am glad to write about my mentor Sameer Satyarth. Behind my mentor, he is my inspiration as a teacher who taught me the golden rules of professional life. If I am going to explain about him then millions of words are not enough for me. But still, I tried my best to explain his personal, professional, and social life details in a few Para.

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Sameer Satyarth Personal Life

Since childhood, Sameer wanted to be an entrepreneur. His father is a government doctor meanwhile he knows the value & importance of education in life. His brought up done in Bihar. As his father is a doctor so it was common among his family member that they wanted to look like Sameer engaged in the work of a doctor, engineer or any government post.

But his destiny wanted something else; he had a keen desire of buying and selling things. When he grew up he decided to open his own website to become a successful entrepreneur. When he was in class 6th he opened the first website where he got failure but he never stops himself to do hard with each mistake.

Behind his interest in entrepreneurship, he is a great cricket player in the Bihar Cricket Association team, currently pursuing Btech from a very popular College IEM Kolkata. During childhood, he loved to spend time with his brother doing fun.

Sameer Satyarth CEO of Raidonnews
No Matter “What will the Result Come, Just Go Forward in a Hope to Achieve Goal”

Since childhood, he was serious about the responsibilities they have about career, study, and family. Although he believed that life is a very suspicious and lighted gift by god so don’t waste time over failure and depression gets some fun in life.

For that, they used to go outside with friends and peers. Behind the hard work is also trying to enjoy every moment of life. Sameer mentioned that whatever he is now is just because of his elder brother Shashank Shekhar (Founder of raidonnews)He taught him every single aspect of the digital world with the face behind success and failure attempts on it.

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Sameer Satyarth Professional Life

Sameer Satyarth opened Raidonnews in 2019 which is India’s leading personality website. Besides featuring personalities this website provides a complete package of digital marketing services. The corporation and Coordination of both brothers help a website to cover the huge PR Marketing, PR Branding, Web Designer, and Blogger marketing industry.

He made 15+ websites but he got failure in each website success still he never laid down hope and consistency made him the youngest entrepreneur in India.  Now, his website has done many collaborations with India’s other top websites like daily hunt, Entrepreneur Stories, Punjab metro, feature India and many others and we can also say almost all websites of India.

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If you fail to achieve your target then realize your mistakes and again stand up & move toward your goal “But Never Stop Yourself Until The Target Achieved”

Sameer Satyarth had 45 team mates who are working on raidonnews with 1000+ active clients. During an interview, Sameer says that the most important role in this success is done by The MD of the company Nandini Singh and Website coordinator Komal Singh. Meanwhile, working as an entrepreneur, Sameer also does Btech from IIM Kolkata to make his parent’s dreams fulfilled. 

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Sameer Satyarth Upcoming 5 Year Plans

Sameer Satyarth wanted to reach raidonnews at top of the sky. For that he is planning to bring raidonnews to the local level, raidonnews official news portal will be launching soon, launching its own magazine, and also working for India’s first free educational platforms. And He has also started a new website named

He said that the upcoming 5 year is too precious for his team mates and raidonnews website because within these years raidonnews achieved their most targeted audience trust while providing excellent free education service and reliable or quality worthy information’s over the national to international coverage.

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Never Think What will People Say about Your Work “Make Your Career at the Top of Sky” Then People will come to you and Ask How You Did That.

Sameer Satyarth Social Life

When Sameer started building a website no one help him except his elder brother. People used to mock him. They used to say that you are doing non-sense instead of wasting time on that you should prepare for a government exam.

We can imagine how much demotivating these things are. He faced huge criticism from friends and some relatives. But he never lost his hope of success. They exchanged people mocks for motivation and turned his life into India’s Youngest Entrepreneur.

Now his friends and peers ask him for help to teach about the same industry and work strategy. He said, “whenever a person will come up with something different, another person will always be in against that” because our society always follows the old tradition but never get demotivated by them, always move towards your dream with a good mindset.

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