Nikhil Mishra: India’s biggest Digital Artist

Nikhil Mishra: India’s biggest Digital Artist

Here you will know about experience and journey of Nikhil Mishra Digital Artist. Nikhil Mishra is the name behind the glorious digital art of “Lord Rama” which is ruling the internet now a days. He is a digital artist and illustrator from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

Through his digital artwork in 2017–18, he personified the river Narmada as “Maa Narmada.” As a digital artist, it was his first piece. It marked the start of his trip, and he never turned around after that. During the Madhya Pradesh “Narmada Bachao Andolan,” this painting attracted particular notice. His artwork was used on numerous posters and brochures, which inspired him to fight for both humanity and spirituality.

He takes great pride in his artistic abilities and sees them as a gift from the Almighty. He distinguishes between conventional and digital art extremely differently. The creative and imaginative horizons of digital artists are expanded. Compared to traditional artists, digital artists have a greater chance of fixing mistakes.

Nikhil Mishra Digital Artist – See His Art Here

Nikhil was intrigued by several pieces of digital art on the internet despite coming from a generation with more traditional art. He completed his famous “Lord Rama” painting in just 20 minutes, and he credited God’s favor as much as his own diligence and talent for its success. He views creating art as a way to convey emotions. An artist uses art to express all of his feelings. Thus, Nikhil Mishra’s artwork can be used to understand his own thoughts.

As an artist, he occasionally finds it confusing when others do not give him credit. The only thing the artist seeks
in his creations is a credit. Nikhil Mishra Digital Artist therefore asks that recognition be given to the artists because it inspires them to produce better work. One of the nicest pleasures is being recognized for one’s efforts, thus he hopes to receive the same for his artistic creations. Even though he didn’t receive credit in many places, he persisted in wanting to share his artwork with as many people as possible. He has resolved these instances of copyright infringement and is continuing with his activities.

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He claims that because he has portrayed Lord Rama, Lord Shiva, and other characters in numerous local plays, he is capable of experiencing spirituality at a higher level, which is evident in his artwork. His paintings are always motivated and inspired by personal experiences that he has had.

Nikhil Mishra: India's biggest Digital Artist
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His encounter with Kailash Kher, a well-known singer in the Bollywood industry, would always stick in his memory. This well-known vocalist lavished him with acclaim and compliments. After seeing his Digital Lord Shiva image, Mr. Kailash Kher personally met him.

He is the only member of his team who has ever created art. His group’s other friends are engaged in the hard copy art market. His paintings are in high demand throughout the world, and this crew is really assisting him in meeting those needs.

Nikhil Mishra is a proponent of giving your all when working. He believes that one shouldn’t practice a form of art they are unfamiliar with, and even if they do, they should learn the correct terminology and specifics before continuing.

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In a remarkably short period of time, Nikhil Mishra has amassed a sizable following. His various social media outlets have received hundreds of comments and phone calls from admirers around the world, inspiring him to continue the good work.

He had a difficult time getting to the point where he is now as a digital artist. He completed a number of diploma programmes before spending years looking for his true passion. But as soon as he became interested, he travelled at a rapid pace. As he stated “Choose a career that will keep you interested for the rest of your life. Only if we take action that is in our best interests will this be feasible “. That is the truest and best method to select a vocation.

A person might take several steps backward with just one error. Thus, it is important to avoid errors whenever feasible. To succeed, one must have the courage to confront the challenge. Nikhil Mishra Digital Artist places a strong emphasis on diligence and accuracy for a successful career in the field of art.

When questioned about other places to get creative inspiration, he cited India as having a wealth of options and diversity. Indian culture is the best source of inspiration for artists. He therefore regards it as a blessing that he was born in “Bharatvarsh” country.

He received an invitation to serve as the Judge of SVKM’s Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai, very recently, which made him happy and proud. He was ecstatic to get the respect and love of art enthusiasts.

Nikhil Mishra Digital Artist responded that nowadays many live lives of flaunt and show off when asked about his basic life and way of living. But in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the materialistic world, one must comprehend the greater meaning of life. Today, needless things become popular over night while wonderful things are discussed.

This has to stop right away since it will eventually affect the next generation. He urges individuals to focus on education rather than material possessions and to become spiritual. Only a quiet and spiritual existence can be happy.

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