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Mr. Vinay Harsh

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Vinay Harsh: Most Popular Anchor From Rajasthan

“Main unse baatein to nahi karta,par unki baatein lajawab karta hu..Peshe se anchor hu yaaron, Alfazon se ilaaj karta hu”, says the famous anchor Mr. Vinay Harsh. He hails from the city, Bikaner of Rajasthan. He has been anchoring for the past five years and has already hosted more than 500 grand shows. He comes from a very humble background and his father and mother both are government teacher. Being a very fluent orator, his father was frequently invited to host election campaign in his young age and the same trait is running in genes of this family, which is pushing Mr. Vinay to perform better at his anchoring.

Vinay Harsh: Most Popular Anchor From Rajasthan

The journey to adoption of anchoring as a full time job was not very easy and straight for him. Mr. Harsh dedicated himself towards anchoring after leaving behind a luxurious and high paying job as Branch Manager. He worked in the corporate field for a very long time. He holds a very highly qualified educational background with BCA graduation and then MBA. He is famous with the name “MBA anchor” for the same degree that he holds.

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His talent was first acknowledged by people when he was very young .In one of his annual functions at school, he got the lead role in a drama at just about 10 years. It was all because of his phenomenal dialogue delivery capacity. people praised him a lot after the show and he got awareness about his hidden talent from that point onwards.

His first experience of anchoring is very special for him. He got many compliments for his excellent skills and few people suggested him many tips to make his performance even better. It was overwhelming experience and since then he has been giving performances continuously. With each performance he brings freshness in his style, words and looks. He keeps updating himself regularly to never disappoint any audience.

As per him, no audience is bad unless anchor lacks the quality of interaction. Interactive audience boost up the confidence of anchor but to make the audience excited, anchor must have the required skills. He feels proud while giving the credit of his fresh looks to his wife. As per him, looks play a very vital role in attracting the attention of the audience.
For the young aspirants who are looking forward to anchoring as career he suggests some important things.

As per him “It’s hard to make the decision to be an anchor as it is slightly different from a general career option but its even harder to prove the decision right.”

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Tips for young aspirants:

•Be a good listener.
•Work hard to improve yourself every day.
•Choice of good words
•Command over language
•Be a good reader and know good words.
•Have good character and good behavior.
•Maintain good looks
•Have the desire to be the best.
•Be consistent.

When asked about the problems of this field he says that there is no field where we don’t have competitors. But if you compete with yourself, you’ll be ahead of everyone. Challenges are everywhere but it’s about your attitude, how you take it and tackle it.

He advises aspirants to be with good people. Company is what ultimately shapes us. We should also be open to learning from every person, even younger people can teach us so many things but for this we must be open to everyone that too without any ego.

In coming times he is aspiring to do shows in different parts of the world with the best people around the world. He is looking forward to working in diversified fields and formats. While addressing the youngsters he requests them to respect elders and parents and to have a good character to perform best on the stage.

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