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Shiv Khera Biography is an Inspiration for those People Who Give up Soon.

Who Is Mr. Shiv Khera?

Shiv Khera biography or life journey is too simple as general people have. Shiv Khera was born on 23 August 1961 in a business-oriented family that operated coal mines before they were nationalized by the Indian government. His schooling and graduation were completed in Bihar. Shiv Khera was the too demotivating person when he was young. That’s he used to go for motivational webinars.

I will explain to you how they got successful and changed their life by taking inspiring webinars by others speakers. Do you know he was worked hard to make their life at the high zone level?

Shiv Khera used to do car washing was a life insurance salesperson and a franchisee operator for the livelihood of the family before becoming a motivational speaker.

Shiv Khera is an Indian author, activist, and motivational speaker best known for his book You Can Win. In India, he launched a campaign against caste-based reservation and founded the Country First Foundation. He was the person who changed the mindset of billions of Indians after working at the international level.

Shiv Khera set an example for Indians that “it doesn’t matter if you are backbencher, only matter is how you work for future plan.” He is a well-known In-Demand Speaker, Author, Educator, and Business Consultant.

Where Did He Start?

I am elaborating Shiv Khera Biography or Life Journey in English with very easy language so that you can easily get the moral of his failure to success journey. In school, He was a backbencher who caused problems for the frontbenchers. Someday, eventually, he heard the news about his father death.

That he had just graduated from college, and he was left with the obligations. All of the assets had vanished. Shiv Khera had only been married for four weeks at the time. A year later, his daughter was born, and he had to sell some of my mother’s remaining pieces of jewellery to get out of the hospital. He didn’t even have ten dollars to purchase milk.

He tried their hands on three businesses and failed in all three. Finally, on November 13, 1975, Shiv Khera left India and went to Toronto. In Toronto he started his life beginning with the bucket in their hand, washing cars door to door for about a year. But his livelihood was not going well with his small daughter and wife.

He was total discouraged by life circumstances but still struggling for their family lifestyle. By accidentally he got into selling life insurance where he was almost fired within the first three months for non-performance.

“Can you imagine how the people deal with their mind and heart if they don’t have anything for livelihood and more had family responsibility?” According to me “the world becomes an enemy for individuals who never try to help someone.”

Turning Points

With demotivate personality he started used to go for motivational webinars to listen to public speakers and motivational speakers through this he got the courage to do something. But world experienced people says “if you have any skill and power then got specialized on it though which you will change your life;”

Shiv Khera was very passionate about speaking and writing. This skill helps him to change his life. Certain watershed moments in his life changed the course of his life. Dr Norman Vincent Peale, the author of the book The Power of Positive Thinking, spoke to me at a session. That was the moment he understood that he had been blaming the entire world for my failures up until that point, not realizing that he was his own worst problem.

They realized nothing would be changed on the outside, but something we can do on the inside. And the course of his life was dramatically altered. Following that, things began to improve. He relocated to the United States and started three enterprises. In 1984, Shiv Khera collaborated with a California-based company, established the New Jersey operations with no clients, and subsequently sold the company with over 500 clients.

But this causes a huge change in his life. He starts speaking publicly which help him to gain popularity speaking and somehow they know it as motivational speaking based on their speaking skills. Many American companies started approaching him for business consultancy.

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Why You Should Read About Shiv Khera Life?

Because of two factors:

First: His journey teaches him to deal with the lifestyle of your and others within few money. As you know he kept failing my entire life and blaming the entire world for my failings, not seeing that he was my own largest problem. And always try to change the circumstances instead of working on skills between the circumstances. Let me tell you one thing no one is going to help you as long you are the person who can help you always. So start focusing on yourself instead of finding the best in others.

Second: Understand that money is not everything but most things depended on it. And only one way to attract money toward yourself is to work on your skills. Also realized the distinction between making money and earning money. Since earning money requires you to put your energy and ethics behind it. 

When He Had Superior Lifestyle (Popular Books )

Shiv Khera wrote his debut book, “YOU CAN WIN,” in 1998. This book set a new record for the most books sold in a single week. That book was published in Hindi under the title “JEET AAPKI.” According to data collected to date, the book has sold over 30 lakh copies, which is a significant figure. For this book, Shiv Khera has been awarded many times.

Shiv Khera delivers motivational and inspiring speeches on television, radio, and seminars. His optimistic and inspirational writing skills captivated millions of people and he published 16+ novels in various languages all over the world. Also, he organizes companies in 17 different nations to serve society best.

His most superior book which inspires the whole world is “You Can Win.” This translated into 21 languages on the demand of the market. He used to give money one-third of his income to charity to develop society.

Behind all, they never forgot his initial stage when he had no money to feed his daughter. He admires that if he could not be known about his skill or passion then they could never belong from this stage ever. Moreover, he used nothing special to show people that he was different from others he always supported society to develop poor condition.

Giving Back

Giving back does mean that he takes off his hand from his career path. He looks back once to become more determinant toward goals. When he realizes how’s his backstage life spent he took action for people of the world.

He said, when he witnessed his own life transform on a personal, professional, and social level, he knew it was time to give back. Someone in his life provided guidance. Otherwise, he might still be washing cars if they hadn’t pointed him in the right route. That’s when he understood it was time to pay it forward.

He began volunteering at maximum-security prisons in the United States. These were not insignificant criminals. Shiv Khera began teaching them self-esteem and attitude programmes. Shiv Khera witnessed the transformation of their life. After that, he thought it was time to spread my message to the rest of the globe.

He was starting to work toward the benefits of society through developing their mindset. And this was the biggest achievement for him ever.

Information about Shiv Khera Biography and his Books
Shiv Khera Quotes – He set an example through his quotes that individual could achieve everything if his/her internal inspiration is strong.

Shiv Khera Quotes

– Success is the product of your positive actions paired with optimistic mindset.

-Winners don’t do things differently, they do things differently, is his hallmark.

-There are both good and bad leaders who actively guide and misguide their followers. As a result, leadership is about persuasion, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

-If a child makes a mistake, it is not the child’s fault; rather, it is the parents’ fault.

-It is preferable to be honorable than to be honored.

-Money is a powerful weapon for making a significant difference in people’s lives. Depending on the values, it can be positive or negative.

-Avoid misunderstandings. The price you pay for it is exorbitant.

-Where are the folks who have no goals going? Those 97% eventually wind up working for the 3%.

-The two main causes of the rising mismatch in the parent-child connection are the degradation of the extended family notion and the loss of values.

-My primary goal is to invest, and if I have any extra money, I spend it.

-Long-term investments do not require day-to-day management.

-A child’s upbringing influences a variety of factors.

-Parents lack the guts to refuse some requests from their children. They are frightened of their children.

Shiv Khera Popular Books

  • Living with Honor
  • You Can Sell
  • You Can Achieve More: Live By Design, Not By Default
  • Freedom is not Free
  • You can Win

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