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Gurumukh Ahuja, Director of Popular Fresh Momos Chain, Receives National Recognition for Entrepreneurial Success.

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The prestigious brand of Jabalpur is now moving towards becoming a national brand. On the lines of making Popular Fresh Momos a national level brand with their big vision, both the directors have expressed their desire to contribute towards nation building with employment oriented fair trade policies considering the immense possibilities in this sector.

Gurumukh Ahuja and Akhil Chawla, the directors of Popular Fresh Momos, have taken the Indian street food scene by storm with their innovative business model and delicious food offerings. Starting with a simple vision of creating a compact and efficient business model centered around India’s youth’s favorite food item, momos, the duo has now successfully established 17 franchises and three food van kiosks across the country.

Popular Fresh Momos has become a household name among foodies, thanks to its wide range of mouth-watering momos that keep customers coming back for more. From classic steamed momos to innovative flavours like tandoori and butter chicken, the brand has something for everyone.

Speaking about his success, Gurumukh Ahuja said, “I always knew that momos had the potential to become a popular street food item in India, And I wanted to create a brand that would deliver tasteful momos to the customers at affordable prices. My focus on building a compact and efficient business model has helped us scale our operations rapidly and meet the growing demand for my food”.

Popular Fresh Momos has also earned accolades for its customer service and hygiene standards, which have become a top priority for food businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand has implemented strict safety protocols, including regular sanitization of kitchen equipment and mandatory temperature checks for staff members.

As the demand for street food continues to grow in India, Gurumukh Ahuja is planning to expand Popular Fresh Momos further, with new franchises and food kiosks in the pipeline. He hopes to introduce even more innovative momos flavours and continue to delight their customers with their delicious food offerings.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for food, Gurumukh Ahuja has proven that with the right vision and strategy, it is possible to build a successful business around a beloved street food item like momos. Popular Fresh Momos is a shining example of the power of innovation and determination in the world of food entrepreneurship.