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From A Freelancer to the CEO of a Successful Digital Marketing Agency—The Inspiring Story of Aman Anand

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Behind every successful entrepreneur lies a unique story. And Aman Anand is one of such success stories inspiring many across the globe.

From a 19 year’s old, Computer Science Engineering student to owning a successful digital marketing agency, Aman’s intrinsic motivation, self-confidence and determination, hard work, and endless efforts to build a better tomorrow finally paid off.

With his exceptional passion for technology and a deeper understanding of the current digital marketing trends, he has built a successful digital marketing agency from scratch, assisting many startups in taking their business online, building a robust brand presence, and multiplying their income through tried and tested digital marketing strategies he has perfected over time.

Speaking about how he sprung from being a remote worker to a CEO of a well-established and successful agency in a near-record time, Aman attributes their success to an out-of-the-box mindset and persistence in the complex and dynamic digital marketing world.

“When it comes to our output, we don’t mind challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of the market,” says Aman. With the Arise Point, his zest to help businesses fully exploit their online potential and maximize their overall profit finally found a perfect place.

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The Arise Point’s Creation

“The idea of starting an agency was brewing in the back of my mind for a while, back then. But I didn’t take the plunge until the day I met my friend, Sneha, who is my business partner today,” said Aman, revealing how it all began for the high-ticket digital marketing agency.

“Small businesses and digitization rarely come to terms. Therefore, they suffer from the improper management of their online presence.” Aman also explained that businesses need to stand out from the crowd and be authentic and relevant to their followers.

While thousands of businesses are launched each day, 2020 research revealed that only 10% of the businesses are likely to stay afloat beyond 15 years, with the remaining 90% closing down before their 20th anniversary.

Although many underlying factors could contribute to such an alarming rate of business failure, Aman outlines improper management of businesses’ online presence as one of the most common recipes for startups’ failure. And that’s where the Arise Point comes in handy to help startups stay afloat.

Taking Startups to a New Level

Arise Point is instrumental for any business looking to cut through the market noise and make epic profits in the current digital economy. With a 76% increase in ad-post engagements on social platforms, the Aman-led team at Arise Point knows how to present their client’s businesses to the right audience, with the maximum conversion rate always guaranteed.

“Team Arise Point helps brands reach customers digitally. Our startup specializes in helping businesses reach the right audiences and crafting stellar brand experiences. A small business or startup faces many challenges, we help them thrive in a competitive market through effective online branding and maximizing our client’s investment,” he added.

Explaining their team’s vast experience in handling clients’ businesses, Aman said the agency works with clients from multiple sectors, delivering nothing but their absolute best.

“Even at Arise Point, we have had the opportunity to explore and identify what works best for different brands by working with clients from all sectors and industries-including travel, fashion, eCommerce, fitness, removalists, healthcare, and solar energy. “

Aman Anand is open to connecting, and you can reach him easily through his email and LinkedIn. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/itsamananand

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsamananand

Website: https://arisepoint.in/