IMG 8605DJ BEATXU’s: Renowned DJ And Music Producer Who Is Making Waves With His Adaptable DJing. DJ BEATXU’s: Renowned DJ And Music Producer Who Is Making Waves With His Adaptable DJing.

DJ BEATXU an extraordinary DJ, Music Producer and Remixer! Who mesmerizes everyone with rhythmic magic! DJ BeatXu aka Pritam Kashyap was born on 27 July 1996 in the heart of Guwahati, Assam. With his immense talent, creativity and passion, he is the master of genres like Bollywood, Trap, Hip Hop and Commercial Hits. From clubs to concert venues, DJ BeatXU guarantees to create an exciting atmosphere. Armed with the Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2 and DJM 900 NXS2, he effortlessly transforms ordinary songs and tunes into thrilling ones.

Throughout his professional journey, DJ BEATXU has encountered numerous obstacles that have served as tests for his determination and abilities. He has consistently pushed his creative limits, adapting to the ever-changing technologies and trends while also navigating the intense competition prevalent in the music industry. Nevertheless, DJ BEATXU’s relentless passion and unwavering dedication to his artistry have enabled him to triumph over these challenges, leading him to earn a reputation as an esteemed and highly sought-after DJ and Music Producer.

DJ BEATXU has had the incredible opportunity to share the stage with some of the hottest names in the music world including DJ Akhtar, KD Belle, DJ Akbar Sami, DJ R Nation, DJ Suketu, DJ Axon, DJ Lemon, Skeletron, DJ Harsh Bhutani, DJ Shaad, DJ Rink, DJ Reggae, Akhil Talreza, VDJ Shaan, DJ Piyush Bajaj and DJ Ravish. Collaborations and performances with these renowned DJs and artists not only enriched Ram’s musical journey but also provided him with valuable experience and exposure to diverse genres and styles. These collaborations have undoubtedly been instrumental in shaping DJ BEATXU’s artistic development and establishing his presence in the industry.

Dj Beatxu’s musical talent has taken him to many prestigious venues and events across India.  He has graced the stages of renowned establishments such as The Underground (HHI) in Kolkata, Madiza Lounge in Guwahati, G-Adda in Guwahati, Octave (Taj Vivanta Guwahati), Urban Mantra in Guwahati, Club Venom in Bhubaneshwar, Rio in Pune, Brooklyn Blues in Guwahati, Exoro in Guwahati, Rooftop Restro in Dimapur, Dunkin Oza in Guwahati, Mikado in Shillong, The Tipsy in Nagaland and many more private parties and concerts. DJ BEATXU’s extensive portfolio of performances at these prestigious venues showcases his talent and versatility as an artist, making him a popular DJ in the music scene.

DJ BEATXU’s first album, “Beat Blast Vol 1,” showcased his unique blend of beats and melodies, leaving listeners craving for more. Following the success of his debut, he released “Love Affair Beat Blast Vol 2,” which further showcased his versatility and ability to create captivating music. Building on his previous successes, he launched “Beat Blast Vol 3,” solidifying his position as a prominent artist in the industry. In addition to his albums, he has also released several hit singles, including “Pasoori Remix,” “Barso,” and “Sakhiyan 2.0,” and many more popular remixes, which have gained immense popularity among music enthusiasts. With his innovative sound and infectious energy, he continues to leave a lasting impression on his fans and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music world.