Every day, we are inundated with success stories – of people who have made it big, achieved their dreams, and reached the pinnacle of their profession. But what about the stories of failure? What about those who faced adversity, struggled to bounce back, and sometimes even ended their lives because they couldn’t cope? Why don’t we discuss those stories more often?

It’s a fact that every school, college, or professional course prepares people for success in life. They teach us how to excel in our studies, achieve good grades, and land a high-paying job. However, there are inevitable setbacks that life throws our way such as failure, rejection, and negativity. It is surprising that there is no formal education on how to train people to deal with these challenges.

That’s where CA Gopal Singh Negi comes in. He is also known as “The Magical Gopal,” Negi is a Chartered Accountant by profession, but a trainer, investor, and author by passion. He founded “Magical Morning Program” & “Wealth Booster Club” which helps people live happier, more fulfilling life, and his new book, “Magical Morning,” provides a template for how to bounce back from adversity and live a life full of joy and purpose.

Gopal Singh Negi’s inspiring journey from a humble background to becoming a successful author is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and resilience.

Born in Uttaranchal but raised in Delhi, Gopal Singh Negi had to walk miles in his childhood to save money and even took printouts of books to avoid buying them. Despite these challenges, he worked hard and completed his studies with good marks, eventually becoming a CA by profession.

After getting married and having a child, Negi realized that he was not interested in his profession. He left his job in October 2019 and joined many training programs. Despite joining almost 40 Plus programs, he did not get desired results, which led to an increased discussion in his family.

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He became depressed and stopped working, spending 7 or 8 days sleeping in bed, which resulted in him losing 7kg in just one week. After consulting a doctor, he found out that his sugar level had risen to 652, which almost caused him to go into a coma. He went to an Ayurvedic doctor and realized that he was not meant to live like this. He started waking up early in the morning and meditating, as well as reading motivational books.

He went through a difficult period of depression and health issues. But he found the strength to overcome his challenges and started a “Magical Morning Program” that helped him transform his life. He then wrote a book with the name “Magical Morning” sharing his successful journey and inspiring others to overcome their own challenges. Within 45 days, his sugar level had returned to normal. Many people asked him how he had achieved this, which led him to start a program called “Magical Morning Program.

” This program became so popular that he was asked to turn it into a book, which he did. His first book, “Magical Morning,” is a collection of his successful stories, and he acknowledges that his teachers were his greatest influencers. Unlike the motivational Gyan, we can easily find on Google or YouTube, “Magical Morning” is based on Negi’s practical life case studies. He shares his learning, research, and application in his own life, providing a readymade and time-tested template to help you change the pattern of your thinking and lead a shinier, happier life.

He wants his book to reach every child who is considering suicide due to failure in his career, exams, or any other field. He wants to take his book to every IIT, IIM, CA, CS,  and medical college so that students can learn from his experiences and overcome their difficulties.

He believes that schools and colleges teach us how to do well in our studies and top our universities, but they do not teach us how to overcome failure and start again. This is the message he conveys in his book, that no matter how hard life gets, there is always a way to bounce back and create a magical life. He is 100% confident that his book will save at least one million lives, one person at a time. And with good reason.

He has been through his own share of challenges and setbacks, including leaving his job, experiencing depression and health issues, and almost going into a coma due to high sugar levels. But he found the strength to overcome these challenges and started a “Magical Morning Program” that helped transform his life.

In “Magical Morning,” Negi provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a morning routine that will help you start your day on the right foot. He emphasizes the importance of taking care of your health, finances, and relationships, and provides practical tips on how to do so. But more than that, he inspires readers to take responsibility for their lives and build their dream Zindagi step by step.

If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or overwhelmed, “Magical Morning” is the book for you. It’s not just a self-help book, it’s a life.

“Magical Morning” is not just about Negi’s successful journey, but also about inspiring others to overcome their own challenges. The book has already reached 18 states and 32 cities, and many influencers have praised his hard work for society (like Coach BSR, Siddharth Rajsekar, Amit Mishra, Siddharth Pal, Saurabh Pal, Purushotam Hambarde, CA Ashok Batra… list is very long).

His message is clear – suicide is not the only option, and success is not built only on success, but also on failures, frustrations, and catastrophes. Don’t Give up, Life tests his best player always. He plans to launch the advanced version of his book, “Magical Morning 2. O,” in 2024, and he is also working on other books, including, “ Master Your Wealth”,  “Proud Single Mother with 11 Financial Power” and “Profitable Investors.” He is also working on the “Proud Father Series,” which will be released in 2025.

As an author, Gopal Singh Negi expresses his gratitude to his readers and promises to continue working on new projects that bring joy and inspiration to his followers. His story is a reminder that with hard work and determination, anyone can overcome their challenges and achieve success.