How to Impress Someone with Your Intelligence

How to Impress Someone with Your Intelligence

Everyone wants to leave an attractive impression in a first meeting. But you tried a lot to impress people with your intelligence and every time you got failure. There are some guidelines and follow-up tips through which you can learn easily effective speaking.

I think you know in today’s world speaking is a common skill that organizations wanted and if you will not focus on it then it may going to harm your future livelihood or goals. How to Impress Someone with Your Intelligence is a common question that comes to students’ and professionals’ minds. 

Here we are sharing some amazing methods to speak like a smarter one. Don’t just read the article also implement it in your daily routine so that you can able to become a smarter speaker.

1. Create a positive first impression

The first and easiest step is to attract someone toward your personality.  To give the best impression in the first meeting you should be on time, then meet an interviewer cordial handshake, keep a smile charmingly on your mouth and Present yourself as approachable, assured, polite, and aware of your surroundings.

2. You should be able to make small talk with ease

If you tell your main points in small talk then it would be a golden skill of yours which provide you different look from others. Try to explain your concepts with small conversational abilities while the striking mind of the listener. For this, you should practice questioning and answer before presenting talks in front of anyone.

3. Put on a successful outfit

The way you dress impacts how others perceive you.  Anyone judges you first through your dress-up sense whether you want or not people automatically perceive you as knowledgeable and capable if you appear polished, refined, and elegant. That’s why your dress plays a vital role in any interview or meeting. If you are going to visit anyone’s home, meeting with someone first time, going to purpose, everywhere you need to be dressed up in excellent sense but be think about location and occasion whether your dress suitable according to that or not.

4. Make eye contact with others

Your eyes speak more than words. You can speak lie to everyone except your soul and eyes. So be aware while talking in an interview. Maintain eye contact with each word. Perfect eye contact explains your knowledge, beliefs, and confidence.

You can demonstrate respect and gain respect by maintaining eye contact. It gives the impression that you are paying attention to those around you while also making it seem as though you are quick to notice and comprehend what is happening.

5. Choose your words with caution

Using appropriate and simplest words sounds to be smart. Your words show how much you are literate in the soft skills industry. Every single word tells about your skills and their pronunciation speaks about your adaptability. The use of straightforward language shows your concentration, work capacity, and alertness, and makes your personality unique are among the finest ones to employ to sound intelligent.

6. Speak with assurance

Speaking fluently is not the correct way to attract jobs or interviews. If you want to influence or impress someone with your intelligence then you have to manage your range of tones and emotions during presenting yourself.  If you speak quickly then there is a lot of chance to use filler words. Although, no one would understand your main concept during fluency so make sure while speaking you should speak light and correct words. This makes speaking effective and attractive.

7. Have a smile worth a million dollars

Keeping a smile on your face not only reduces your pain it also provides a different look from others. Bright, self-assured smiles are linked to money and intelligence. You will look healthy, young, and energetic if you have white, straight teeth that are clean and well-kept.

Most people shy to smile just because of having yellowish teeth. In this case, you can take the help of a cosmetic doctor or home remedies to whiting your teeth. Otherwise, there is no need to do all things you are perfect with your natural teeth. Just give an innocent and polite smile while answering.

8. Compliments should be freely given to people who merit them

Giving and getting praises plays a significant role in developing working connections, whether you’re a boss or a team member. However, research reveals that many people experience anxiety at the thought of compliment-giving, fearing that their remark may be misunderstood or perceived as a kiss-up. It’s crucial to improve at taking compliments in order to give them more effectively. Anyone can practice the skill of giving and receiving compliments with the help of these examples and recommendations.

9. Keep your word and do what you say you’re going to do

This statement is more important than anything else. Because here you show the value of your words. People used to speak a lot instead of focusing on doing work. If you want to attract anyone you’re your intelligence then you have to do all those things which you convey to the listeners.

Although it may seem silly, keeping up with a group of individuals as they walk alongside you gives you the impression that you are more intelligent. Those who fall behind might be thought to be slow, while those who fly ahead might be thought to be unusual or abnormal.

The temporality bias is a phenomenon whereby we infer mental states and identity movement. So, when you’re out in a group slow down and imitate the other people’s gaits. Like this, you will be able to adopt more and influence people more with your work ethic.

10. Defend your opinions in a respectful and informed manner

There aren’t many things I find more impressive than someone who isn’t scared to stand up for what they believe in, who can then back up those statements with clever research while also keeping an open mind and listening to what others have to say. By the time you reach the age of 50, you must be rather clear of your viewpoint on issues. Speak out without seeming arrogant to make an impact.

So, remember whatever you wanted to say to someone be confident with your words and respect another opinion on it. Accept whatever other says if the talk is informative. If you don’t agree with the speaker then say politely that you have other opinions on it instead of arguing with them.

11. Keep up with what’s happening on across the world

Nobody loves someone who believes they are an expert in everything, especially when it is obvious they are not. Admit it when a question arises for which you are truly stumped. You will come across as smarter and more self-aware as a result.

You should make good on your admission by pledging to look into the situation. You can look it up right away on the internet or later on your phone. This demonstrates how eager and enthusiastic you are to learn.

12. Admit If you don’t know

Nobody likes a person who thinks they know everything, especially when it’s clear they don’t. If a subject comes up and you are genuinely unsure of the answer, admit it. As a result, you will come across as smarter and more self-aware.

Your admission should be followed by a promise to look into the matter. You can do a quick internet search or look it up later on your phone. This shows how excited and curious you are about learning. But remember don’t start searching at the same moment tell others that you will search on it later on after giving an interview or finishing a conversation going on.


How can I impress a smart person?

Whenever you will think that you are going to talk with smarter people then remember to wear proper cloth, listen to their thoughts instead of talking a lot, start a conversation with their honor, give them sincere compliments, and be authentic with your words or talk on a particular topic. Don’t show him that you know everything just share your points if they ask you to share and ask him for help if you are confused in some concern.

How do you show someone you are intelligent?

When you want to show your intelligence in some seconds then you should be first on a time, be organized with every detail, and speak politely while sharing your opinions and questions answers. Don’t overlap your knowledge with the listener it shows that you are a self-dominated person.

How do you talk like an intelligent person?

The intelligent person speaking according to the audience’s favor. While speaking maintain voice, the voice should not be too loud and low. Use buttering words with appropriate gestures. Always focus on the listener, through this you would understand whether your audience feeling energetic, interested, or just feeling bored.

Does intelligence make you attractive?

Yes, one intelligent person has the quality and knowledge to attract their audience by delivering accurate and authentic information. The participants in the study thought that intelligence was more attractive than humor, friendliness, or even physical beauty. And there is no doubt an intelligent people could change many things and attract people toward themselves by sharing their experiences & information about a particular concern.

What can I say about my intelligence?

Obviously, you cannot say to anyone that you are an intelligent person. The listener will judge whether you are intelligent or not through your content and concern. Intelligence is the capacity for thought, experience-based learning, problem-solving, and situational adaptation. Since intelligence affects a wide range of human behaviors. But still, if you want to show people that you are intelligent then do Control your emotion while sharing informative points, adopt the capacity and skill to share points within a given time, and always speak with patience and smile face.

How to appear intelligent in conversation?

How to keep an intelligent man interested in your talk?

Follow simple steps to attractive anyone toward your talks:

  1. Put on proper clothing.
  2. Begin the discussion.
  3. Talk about his hobbies.
  4. Take note of what he says.
  5. Follow-up with inquiries.

By Varsha Tiwari

Varsha Tiwari is a Tutor, Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and Professional Blogger from India. She found WordPress when she needed a website for her first business and instantly fell in love with it. When not building websites, she was creating content for her interest in writing and enhancing skills of writing sense. She have 2+ years of experience in the online marketing and writing industry.