MUMBAI, INDIA – [Date]: In an era where digital connections often seem impersonal, is adding a personal touch. The pioneering influencer marketplace has just launched its Greeting Messages service, offering fans an unprecedented chance to receive personalized messages, heartfelt salutations, or memorable farewell notes directly from their beloved influencers.

Hemant Gupta, Director of, stated, “Our platform has always been about bridging the gap between influencers and their followers. With this new service, we’re allowing fans to experience a one-on-one connection, making their interactions more intimate and special.”

Here’s what fans can look forward to with the Greeting Messages service on

  • Personal Touch: From birthday wishes to congratulatory messages or simple hellos, get personalized messages that resonate.
  • Connect with Top Influencers: Whether it’s a rising star or an established name, fans can choose from a vast roster of influencers.
  • Memorable Experiences: Such personalized interactions can become cherished memories, adding value to both influencers and their followers.

With the addition of the Greeting Messages service, is pushing the boundaries of how fans and influencers can connect in the digital age, ensuring authentic interactions remain at the heart of the influencer landscape.

Leading the influencer marketing domain, offers a comprehensive platform for influencers and brands to connect and collaborate. The site emphasizes transparency, authenticity, and genuine connections, standing out as an industry benchmark.

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